15 August 2015 (Saturday) - Warden Point

I slept well; brekkie was relatively uneventful, and once it was scoffed we went for a mini-road trip to Sheerness. We've not been to Whelans for a while. We needed new sails for the garden's ornamental windmill; they didn't survive the power washer. We picked up a few pressies whilst we were there, and as we were in the area we drove out to Warden Point to do the Earthcache that was there.
If you do the secret geo-ritual near an Earthcache at the moment you get an e-souvenir, and seeing that my closest unfound one was on the isle of Sheppey it made sense to do it whilst we were (relatively) nearby.

We came home; "er indoors TM" drove off to the family party that was going on this afternoon. I went to bed prior to the night shift. Earlier in the year I'd kindly offered to swap shifts so's a colleague could be off work today. I didn't realise there was a party I'd be missing.
I ddidn't sleep well. A noisy salesman from Zenith windows, anonymous phone calls and dogs with sneezing fits saw to that.

I shall show my face at the party on the way to work. Wish I never offered to swap now.....

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