2 August 2015 (Sunday) - Happy Birthday

Yesterday must have been more tiring than I realised; it was after 9am when I finally came down for brekkie. We had a little birthday card opening session (today is "er indoors TM" birthday) whilst "Furry Face TM" sat on the back of the sofa and growled at the world.

As "er indoors TM" had her brekkie I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. We met a Fudge lookalike and had a minor run-in with a Staffie before coming home again. As I walked my arm was giving me gyp. It's not been right for some time. I've looked on the Internet and I think I might have tennis elbow.

Father-in-law visited the birthday girl and we put the world to rights for a bit. As we chatted I set the lap-top downloading Windows 10. Part of me wondered if this was a good idea, but after all is said and done, Windows 7 won't keep going for ever and this lap-top's getting more and more clunkier. Perhaps a whole new operating system might sort it out. Or so I thought.
The Download Windows 10 app told me that everything was ready to go and that it had to analyse the system. It told me it would take ten seconds. Ten seconds !!!! So I pressed the "Get On With It" button and it then said "Working on it" until we were about to go out. So I left it doing its thing.

We drove round to collect "My Boy TM" and his entourage and we then went on to the Kennington Carvery where we had a rather good roast dinner. As I went up for second helpings so there was a woman causing a ruckus wanting to know why there wasn't a vegetarian alternative. Am I completely wrong in thinking that the vegetarians going to a roast meat carvery (which makes no secret of the fact that it is a *meat* carvery) really ought to give the people behind the counter the ten minutes notice (that they actually ask for) when dealing with vegetarians.

The plan was then to drive on to the Weald of Kent Steam Rally. But when we called up the place's website for sat-nav details we saw it was going to cost the best part of forty quid to get us all into the place. We phoned some relatives who were there who told us it was so packed they could hardly move.
We decided against going there.
Instead we went out to Rolvenden to have a look round the pond shop. I've not been there for years. The pond filter upgrade I was going to buy four years ago (when my life took an unexpected nose dive) is now forty quid cheaper than it was. "My Boy TM" saw a huge water feature (small pond) he liked so he bought that. What with the excitement of buying the huge water feature (small pond) we never actually walked round the ponds for which the place is famous (which was why I suggested going there in the first place).

We then went on to Tenterden garden centre for a look-see. They had the very same huge water feature (small pond) that "My Boy TM" had just bought in the shop down the road. However he'd bought it one hundred quid cheaper than the price that Tenterden garden centre was asking for.

By now the double helping of roast dinner was beginning to settle, and so we popped into McDonalds for a spot of afters. A raspberry flake McFlurry went down very well. There are those who run down McDonalds but I can say in complete confidence that those who would sneer at a raspberry flake McFlurry have never actually had one.
We then came back to the abode of "My Boy TM" where we played with Rolo for a while before coming home with a tomato plant. "My Boy TM" has loudly given up with growing vegetables because they mostly seem to rot before he can pick them, and when they don't rot no one wants to eat them. He's given his mother a tomaoto bush as a present. I confidently predict the thing will be dead by next weekend.

We came home and after seven hours my Windows 10 upgrade was still "Working on it". I rebooted the lap-top and re-started the Windows 10 upgrade. I then sorted out the astro club's money after Friday's meeting; I'd like it to be properly accounted for before I finally spit my dummy out.

And with Windows 10 still failing to load I spent a rather frustraing hour or so with the temperature of my piss going through the roof over what I was reading on Twitter...

Mind you it wasn't a bad birthday...

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