12 August 2015 (Wednesday) - Buster (Bloodvessel)

I've somehow burst a blood vessel in my eye. Excessive blood pressure from yesterday's ranting perhaps?
I slept well; the alarm woke me which is unusual, and I got up to find the dishwasher hadn't been as thorough on the crockery as it might have been. More salt perhaps?
Over brekkie I watched an episode of "Family Guy"; somehow the SkyPlus box has recently recorded over forty episides of the show. I didn't tell it to do that. I wonder what tthat device is up to. I then checked out social media; yesterday I organised a walk for the upcoming Bank Holiday and suggested it to a few people. This morning I was rather surprised at how many people have taken me up on the idea.

And so to work. As I drove the news mentioned (in passing) the problems of the local health authority who are facing a forty million pound shortfall.
Interestingly the health authority was quoted as saying "... a national shortage of doctors and nurses makes it difficult to recruit permanent staff in some areas, which means .... we have to employ very expensive agency staff." This has been a common feature of all hospital work for at least thirty years. The pay you get in the NHS isn't that bad, but you can get far more doing the same job if you work through an agency. The reason... no one wants to work for a hospital because if you make the slightest mistake you find yourself publically crucified on the altar of outraged media opinion (I might have mentioned this before, not that I'm in any way bitter). Consequently there are usually un-fillable vacancies and agencies offer to fill those vacancies... for a price.
That would be market forces in action again. Are these market forces *really* as good as the capitalists would have us believe?

As I drove it was raining again. The BBC weather forecast was telling of the lovely clear morning in south east England. I sometimes wonder about suggesting to the BBC that their radio people might do better betting their weather forecasts from the BBC's own weather website. The BBC website's weather forecast is usually different to that broadcast on the radio. The radio is always wrong; the website more often right than wrong.

I got to work and did what I had to. Several people commented about my eye. It looks a lot worse than it is.

Getting home was a problem; road works at one of the busiest junctions made me half an hour late gettinig home. On the plus side "er indoors TM" was able to meet me and "Furry Face TM" as we had our little pootle round the park.

It's tea time soon. There's a box of wine in the fridge left over from the party a couple of weeks ago. It needs drinking up....

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