14 August 2015 (Friday) - Cobham

Over brekkie I was mooching through Facebook and I saw a photo of myself from three years ago. I was seriously thin then. It was amazing what a combination of being constantly hungry together with eighteen months of life-changing stress did.
Now things have regained a semblance of normality the weight has piled back on. I wish I could keep the weight off. It is not as though I don't do any excercise.

A couple of days I mentioned the dishwasher has been rather lax in the performance of its duties. Today the inside of the thing was decidedly greasy so I gave it a good squirt of fairy liquid and set it on a wash cycle. There are those who thought that was a mistake. All I can say is things certainly got frothy and the grease problem isn't what it once was.

I then got "Furry Face TM" into the car and we drove up to Cobham where four of us (and two dogs) met up for a morning's geocaching. Earlier in the week I'd seen a post on Facebook's "Geocaching in Kent" group asking if anyone fancied going for a walk today. I did. I like these mid-week walks. It seems there are usually a few people free and it is often a different few peeople.
Bearing in mind yesterday's rain I thought I might give my new gaiters a trial run. As it happened I didn't need them; they just made me hot and I took them off after a mile or so. I hesitate to say that was ten quid down the drain... but we shall see.
After a little while we saw a familiar face catching up with us, and then there were five of us (and two dogs). We had a good walk; beautiful views, excellent company. I had a little hiccup with some geo-sums along the way but nothing that proved to be an insurmountable problem.
I took a few photos whilst we walked; the walk was billed as being about three miles and after two (and a bit) hours we were back at the car park saying our goodbyes. there is talk of another such walk early next week if any of my loyal readers are up for it.

We came home, and as is so often the way I then spent an afternoon putting the washing machine through its paces. Unlike the dishwasher, it is living up to expectations.... provided one selects the one hour quick cycle. None of the other settings (apart from spin and tumble dry) seem to do very much any more.
As I ironed my shirts "Upstairs Downstairs" was on the telly. Frederick disgraced himself with Lady Dolly. The beast (!)

"er indoors TM" came home and opened the parcel the postman had left on the doorstep for her. In it was a nice print-on-canvas of baby Jake, some photos of his Christening, and some photos of some normal people and their dogs. I wonder who those normal people are. And I wonder if they have any of our photos.
"er indoors TM" then took a spaanner out to her car to fix it. I left her to it; I had absolutely no idea what the problem with the car was and even if I did I wouldn't have any idea how to fix it.
I do the ironing; I shall stick to what I know....

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