10 August 2015 (Monday) - Upsetting the Baby

Last night I spent a little while planning a geo-walk in September only to get up this morning to find it clashes with a previously organised event. I really should pay more attention to what's going on. Before I could find another date I had a message from Yorkshire from "er indoors TM" to say that the candle-mongers were about to set off for civilisation so I spent a few moments tidying the mess I might (just possibly) have made whilst she was away. I certainly made a point of again watering that tomato plant.

I then took "Furry Face TM" for a llittle walk. We went out through the co-op field and the plan was to visit "My Boy TM" to see him, his entourage and his sparkly new water feature. I suppose two out of three ain't bad; Lacey and Cheryl were up and about and the water feature looks good. But he was still in bed. I said not to disturb him. I suppose a lot of people are still in bed at 8am. Perhaps it really is just me who is up at sparrow-fart every morning?

On my way to work I stopped off at the nearby Tesco for petrol. Normally I'd go to Morrisons in Canterbury, but things were getting low in my tank and I didn't fancy conking out half way down the motorway. I also got sugar (as ordered) for "Daddies Little Angel TM" and then went to Folkestone to see the littlun and his mummy.
It's always good seeing the fruits on my loin; especially when they can get out of their pits. Today I went to visit both (at various times) and had a fifty per cent succes rate.
If only they didn't have to say the "F" work quite so often we could probably say twice as much to each other.

I hadn't been there long when I upset the littlun....

Whilst holding him he was (as "Daddies Little Angel TM" so succinctly puts it) "flidding about"; he was just generally wriggling and struggling and thrashing about as littuns do. His head bumped mine rather painfully. I told him to steady on. He turned to look at me with the most accusing stare; and after a second or two his eyes filled with tears and he sobbed. He wasn't physically hurt but Granddad had told him off.
He was distraught.

He eventually stopped sobbing and I cheered him up by throwing him at the ceiling. He likes that. I then set off to work.
Once there I did my bit, but my heart wasn't in it today. Don't get me wrong; I've not got a bad job, but more and more I am coming to the conclusion that since I took up full time employment for the first time in the summer of 1980 I've really feel that over the intervening years I've done quite enough work and I am now seriously ready to retire.
A lot of the problem I have is these night shifts; I actually love them because when on shifts I work longer sessions, and consequently work fewer of them. Last week I went back to day shifts for a while and it was the first time for several months that I actually worked five consecutive days. I've rather got out of the habit of doing that.

I wonder how I go about getting early retirement... ?

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