6 August 2015 (Thursday) - Windows 10 (Finally!!!)

I woke rather later than usual today; I was rather tired last night. Over brekkie I again tried ti upgrade my lap-top to Windows 10. This time it got past the spinny-wheel thingy; it got as far as saying it had encountered an unknown error and had failed. Ith then started a 2Gb download again. I thought I'd give it one more chance then give up on Windows 10 as a bad idea. This lap-top must be seven years old (at least); I doubted it was up to the new operating system.

Today I spent a little while reflecting on what might have been; in years gone by the Thursday before the second weekend in August is driving out to Teston and settting up for camp. Nowadays camping's not allowed before Friday.
I like camping, and we've had fun at Teston; but there's no denying that the camping arrangements aren't what they might be. The water is too far away, and there is no distinction between campsite and picnic area. We've had to chase normal people out of the camp before. And bearing in mind there was a fist fight there last year.... I can't help but think it's had its day. And I wouldn't have been much good putting tents up; not with my ongoing dodgy tennis elbow (ouch!)

I took "Furry Face TM" for his morning walk; as we went we met several nutters at various stages of our stroll, all chattering away to the strange voices in their heads. Was it national "Talk to the Strange Voices in your Head Day" today?
There was nearly a nasty incident at Bowens Field; some twit tried to refuse to let us in to a public park because he wanted to walk in there with his dog. Apparently (in this chap's world) only one dog is allowed in at a time. As his and my dog sniffed each other amicably (as dogs do) I told him he could come in after us if he liked, and we pushed past him. He chose not to follow us; instead he walked off the other way shouting about how unfair it was that I pushed in. If he thinks I am supposed to take turns in going to a park he can think again.

As we went through to viccie park we saw the fun fair had most of its flashing lights going. What a waste of leccie. We also met several other dogs and their owners. All the owners knew Fudge by name. How do they know his name? Is he that notorious?

I got home to find my Windows 10 download was at fifty-eight per cent so I left it running, settled my dog and drove off to Folkestone to see the baby before work. As I drove the radio was frankly depressing. An article was being broadcast on the right of teenagers with terminal conditions to choose to die.
I got to Folkestone, eventually found somewhere to park, and spent a fun ten minutes winding up the littlun before then making my way to work. This time the radio was playing something about women who were forced to have abortions in the 1950s.
What was it with Radio Four this morning?

Having a few minutes to spare I thought I might have a crafty impromptu geo-mission. So I set off to hunt down a geocache near Barham.
Oh dear.
Having been hidden by someone who is something of a newbie, its difficultly was grossly overestimated. Having been given a difficulty rating of 3.5/5 I think it fair to say thet 1.5/5 would have been an overestimate; it was rather obvious and could be seen from yards away. Mind you perhaps the increased rating was to take into account the fact that the GPS co ordinates were about twenty metres out. (or perhaps I'm just being an uncharitable old misery again)

I got to work, did that which I couldn't avoid, and came home to find my laptop claimed it was ready to have another go at Windows 10. After two hours I am now transmitting to the world from Windows 10.
Can any of my loyal readers notice any difference...

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