4 August 2015 (Tuesday) - More Allegations

I had a better night's sleep last night than I did the night before; I could hardly have had a worse one. Over brekkie I watched an episode of Dad's Army that the SkyPlus box had recorded for me. The BBC seems to be showing them in order and now that the black and white ones have all been shown we are now on to the episodes I've seen dozens of times already.
As I watched them not liking it up 'em "Furry Face TM" looked hopefully at my toast; he didn't get any (well, not much).

As I drove to work I listened to the radio. The crisis in Calais is apparently under control according to the Prime Minister despite the fact that there were getting on for nearly two thousand attempts to break into the channel tunnel complex on Sunday night and that the security staff are having rocks thrown at them.
Why on Earth are these people not rounded up and taken home? There was a feature on the radio last night about boatloads of these people being rescued in the Mediterranean. If they were all truly refugees then there would be families and people of all ages; they would not pretty much all be young men.

And its been a little while since allegations of paedophilia have been cast about, so raking the dirt on a long-dead celebrity is long overdue. Former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath is the latest name at which mud is being thrown thrown. It transpires that four police forces are investigating various allegations about him.
I can't help but wonder why?
Even if he actually was guilty of molesting children, what are the authorities going to do fifty years after the event and ten years after his death? Exhume what's left of his corpse and send it to prison?
I would like the cost of Kent police's investigation made public and my council tax reduced accordingly. The time to harangue Sir Edward is long past.

I got to work, did that which I couldn't avoid and had a rather slow journey home. The circus is in town, and when it is at rush hour the ring road and bypasses are used as race tracks for horse-drawn carriages. Four of them were competing tonight effectively bringing the town to a standstill.
Don't get me wrong; I'm not for one moment saying it was the delightful traveling folk who were causing mayhem. However horse racing round the town never happens when they aren't here.

After yesterday's heroism, "Furry Face TM" blotted his copy-book somewhat this evening. He completely disappeared on our customary walk round the park. I couldn't find him anywhere. He would not come when called. After ten minutes I had a plan. I noisily started making a fuss of another passing dog. My jealous dog appeared in less than five seconds.

And then, being Tuesday, we gathered with the rest of the clan. Tonight we were in Somerset Road where we played Chromecast games. I did rather well until I fell asleep...

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