9 May 2014 (Friday) - Telly

Yesterday evening "Furry Face TM" wouldn't settle; he kept wandering about and whimpering. It turns out that the cheeky pup had found a left over Easter Egg. I've heard that dogs shouldn't have chocolate; he'd given himself a belly ache.
Mind you he was well enough to scrounge the crusts from my brekkie toast this morning. As we sat together on the sofa I watched "Derek" in which the residents of the care home were getting jiggy with each other, and then in "Ade at Sea" Adrian Edmonson spent a day helping in the construction of an offshore wind farm near Liverpool.

I drove to work through a rather sunny morning; something of a contrast to yesterday's rain. As always I listened to the radio. There was precious little of note today. Mind you, yesterday I whinged about the scandal of Halal meat being foisted onto an unsuspecting public. Perhaps more worrying is the fact that most people I've encountered today have no idea what Halal meat is all about. There's far more to it than just saying a prayer over the animal. The method of slaughtering animals involves of a swift, deep incision with a sharp knife on the throat, cutting the jugular veins and carotid arteries of both sides but leaving the spinal cord intact. If done correctly the animal dies instantly. If botched then the animal suffers whilst it bleeds to death. Opinion varies on how often the process is done correctly.
Click here to see the wikipedia entry on the subject. Why does no one seem to know about this?

With my bit done I came home and walked "Furry Face TM" round the park. "er indoors TM" was off out on a hen night. I had the option to go out for Chinese, but I was feeling a little under the weather so I stayed home and once I'd ironed seven shirts I watched two more episodes of "Game of Thrones".
The show has promise; but it would benefit from exchanging a few of the tits for a bit more plot...

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