16 May 2014 (Friday) - Sore Nose

Not too good a night's sleep last night. Whilst certainly better than nights gone by, the CPAP device is making my nose painfully sore. I wonder how much longer I can put up with the thing. There was talk of referral to an ENT sugeon to re-bore my sinuses; I shall have to chase that up.
Over brekkie I watched "Game of Thrones"; there was no sign of "Blondie Dragon-Girl" or of her ample bosom in this morning's episode. Mind you the latest actress to join the cast "flopped them out"; there seems to be no shortage of that in this show.
And for once I got all of my toast to myself; "Furry Face TM" was busy with his bone.

As I drove to work I couldn't beleive what I heard on the radio. As India elects a new Prime Minister there was consternation expresed by the Indian Muslim community because the new Prime Minister has allegedly got a strong anti-Islamic bias. Apparently a sizeable proportion of the Indian population are fearing serious reprisals for their religious beleifs.
But before anyone gets too upset for these Muslims, in other parts of the world a Government made up of other adherents of Islam have given a death sentence to a pregnant woman. Her crime - she's decided to change her religion.
A matter of piddling triviality in civilisation is (quite literally) a matter of life and death out in the boondocks
I've said it before; I'll say it again. how can educated people in positions of authority in the twenty-first century still give such importance to religion?

And I must admit I was just a little bit annoyed at the reports from Turkey. Hundreds of miners are trapped underground. Government ministers are being pelted by rocks over the matter. Why? If it were a state-owned mine then it would be fair to hold the Government to account. But it's not; the mine is run by a private company. Do people still not understand the vital difference between state ownership and free enterprise?

At lunchtime I went to the far end of the car park and squwarked on my saxophone. there are rather too many bum notes. Teacher says it's due to my loose embouchure (!)... I wonder if I could get a flatter mouthpiece that I could get my trap round easier.

Once home I popped round to collect my strimmer; "My Boy TM" had borrowed it. And with strimmer collected I found myself home alone. Needing something to scoff I went foragiing in the general direction of the KFC, and then spent the rest of the evening on dull domesticity whhilst watching more episodes of "Game of Thrones"...

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