8 May 2014 (Thursday) - Ranting

The CPAP machine might not be overly comfortable, but with it doing it's thing I had another night with six hours sleep. I'm rather keen on the device.
Over brekkie I watched teh latest episode of "The Tomorrow People" as "Furry Face TM" scoffed the crusts from my toast. I do like that show - the plot is now going somewhere and I don't fall asleep whilst watching it. I also spent a little while clearing rubbish from the SkyPlus box. Having set the thing on series link for a few shows it seems to have recorded the same episodes a dozen times. I've now cleared about a fifth of its memory.

I checked my emails: a new geocache had gone live along Church Hill, which is less than two miles from home. Twenty minutes later I was parking my car along that lane and chatting with Martin who was cycling past on his way to work.
I don't like to give spoilers about finding caches, but I will say that in this case the map can appear deceptive; this cache looks like a find which can be done easily as a drive-by. It can be *if* you aren't averse to forcing your way through the undergrowth. So a quick dive through a hedge saw me with the cache in my hand and I had scored another First to Find only thirty minutes after the cache went live. Happy dance...
If nothing else this has proved that I've set up all the geocaching stuff correctly on my new phone. Which is a result.

And then on to work. The radio was all abuzz about the latest scandal to rock the supermarkets. Apparently several of them have been selling Halal meat without labelling it as such. I'm no expert on the subject, but from what I understand, Halal meat comes from animals whose throats have been slit and have then been left to bleed to death. This is done because those of various superstitions feel that God has told them to do it. Whilst I'm very happy to eat dead animals, I see no need for them to suffer needlessly in this way before I eat them. As far as I'm concerned this cruelty is just another thing on my list to discuss with the Almighty when I get chance; I won't eat Halal meat. And I can't understand why anyone would insist on the stuff.
It would seem I am not alone in feeling this isn't a good thing to do, and one of my loyal readers has got himself banned from Tesco's Facebook page for telling them the error of their ways.
Something else on the news which boiled my piss was the news that antibiotic resistance is becoming acutely serious. It's no secret that as time goes by, so bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. So to counter this problem our old friend science makes new and better antibiotics. However it seems that the pharmaceutical industry isn't really putting a lot of effort into developing new antibiotics any more. The reason why? - there's not enough profit to be made from it.
Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of my fellow man.

At work I sulked. No sax practice this lunchtime. I had a go, but a combination of cold, wind and rain made things just too impractical to spend forty minutes tonguing the Volga boatmen on top of their old smokey.
It was just as well the rain had cleared up in time for "Furry Face TM" to have his walk this evening. And with him walked I popped round for some McDinner with the Rear Admiral. From there we went on to the astro club committee where in between bandying nonsense we made five minutes worth of decisions in an hour and a half. It's only been twenty minutes since that meeting and my mind has gone blank. I do hope Jason sends out minutes of what happened...

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