2 May 2014 (Friday) - Off to Geo-Camp

I had a reasonable night's sleep, but woke to find the CPAP machine was blowing air out of my mouth. That was a rather strange experience. After a quick brekkie I loaded the last of the bits and bobs into the car and drove to Tesco for a sandwich for lunch. From there I set the sat-nav to Paddock Wood and drove straight into a traffic jam where I then waited (whilst my piss boiled) for an hour and a half.

And so the the Hop Farm at Paddock Wood for the Kent Mega - a weekend of geocaching activities. The Hop Farm is a huge place, and some of the local cachers had arrived last night and set up camp. Being given instructions of where to find them I thought I'd soon be in the right place. In retrospect we'd set up just a little too far away from everyone else on the site. But as the idea was for the Kent cachers to be together I just went with the flow.
I arrived at 10am to find everyone else was still in bed. It didn't take too long to have camp set up, and after a quick sandwich for lunch the rain started. Just drizzle on and off, but enough to be a pain.

As the afternoon wore on so more Kent cachers arrived to join our camp. And one or two others joined in as well. I found myself chatting with a couple of new friends, and the three of us made our way to the pub where there was to be a formal meet-up geo-event. On the way we met a lady from Germany who was over for the weekend, and we chatted with her for a little while.

"er indoors TM" and Gordon Tracy arrived, and we made our way back to camp for a spot of tea and a beer or two. And as the beer flowed we decided that we were "camping" - "tenting" being little more than cottaging with canvas. And then we played cards; forfeits involving eating a paper bag.
The evening became rather vague at that point...

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