12 May 2014 (Monday) - Stuff

Not a bad sleep compared to nights before the CPAP machine; but bearing in mind the walk we did yesterday I would have expected a better night. Mind you "Furry Face TM" seemed to be feeling it; he didn't stir from his basket when I got up, and he made no attempt to scrounge the crusts from my toast.
Over brekkie I watched more "Game of Thrones"; after a dubious starrt it's getting better. Mind you I don't see how far they can take the story if they will keep killing off the main characters.

As I drove to work I listened to the radio. There was an interview with a correspondent who was out in the jungle with the international search for the hundreds of children abducted by the extremist group boko haram. There were fears that these children will be sold as wives to uneducated savages and wouldl be little more than slaves. I really thought that slavery would have been abolished internationally by the twenty-first century. I was wrong.
However as the day wore on so news of half of these children emerged. Just over half have been filmed; apparently having now subscribed to the superstitions of their captors. These girls are now hostages to be exchanged for convicted murderers and terrorists.
Mind you no news has emerged of the rest of the children. There is speculation that these ones are not kow-towing to their captors and consequentlly will be sold into slavery.

And so to Morrisons. The queue for the automated check-outs was growing. Purely because only one person was operating a till; a dozen other manned till stations were empty. Self service checkouts are the way forward apparently. Not only are they cheaper than paying someone to take your money, they are allegedly becoming better at spotting potential shoplifters.
Now this is what I expected the future to be; high tech, not barbaric.

Lunch time sax practice went well; but there's no denying that I'm getting bored with Daisy and Smokey. Once home I took "Furry Face TM" round the park where we met a nut case. Originally I thought he was doing sparring practice; but as I got closer it was apparent that he was having a full-on fight with an invisible opponent; said invisible opponent seeming to be getting several good blows in. I watched for a couple of minutes, but the fight was so uneven; the one I could see was having his arse handed to him on a plate.

After a rather good bit of tea I popped round to the music studio for sax lesson. My fortissimo isn't quite as forte as it might be. But I seem to be making progress.
I then set about "Furry Face TM" and the washing machine. Being the twelfth of the month one needed monthly descaling and one needed monthly flea treatment. I hope I did the right procedure to the right one..

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