14 May 2014 (Wednesday) - 10p

Another good night's sleep; I'm slowly getting used to having air forced up my conk for most of the night. I go to bed and put on the CPAP machine and it gently wafts air into my beak. As the night goes on and my airways close up so the thing gradually increases the air flow. When I wake (seven hours later!!!!) the thing is blowing at seemingly hurricane force. Bearing in mind that when I woke today the thing was blowing harder than I ever could, it's hardly surprising I was waking every night.

I watched more "Game of Thrones" over brekkie. It's a good enough show; the plot and acting are good. Does it really need all the nudity and sex scenes as well? (Or am I just getting more and more puritanical as I get older?) And with my toast alternately scoffed and fed to "Furry Face TM" I checked out the Internet.
I've had a friend request via Facebook. A rather attractive young lady by the name of Therese Tierney wants to be my cyber-friend. On the one hand I like to be sociable; after all there have been so many times when I have taken a chance, said hello to someone new, and started many special friendship.
On the other hand I don't recognise this person's name or face, and I have absolutely no idea who this person is, or in what way she might know me.
I seem to have no friends in common with her; and from what I can work out she seems to be based in Southern Ireland. I wonder who she is...
I stopped off in Asda on my way to work. A few years ago I would pop in to Asda on my way to work every day; now it's months since I was last there. But needs must; as I was scoffing brekkie earlier I'd realised that my "flowers and frolics" were cold. The material of my jim-jams had worn through in a particularly vital spot and I was "hanging out". New jim-jams were needed. Urgently.
I got some new undercrackers as well; I've had something of a high attrition rate on the elastic of those recently.

And then on to work. As I drove there was an article being broadcast about and from one of Google's new robot cars. Still experimental, the car was doing all the driving, taking the developer and the interviewer on a tour around somewhere or other (I didn't catch where). The car was generally reacting as it should to road conditions, and has apparently been judged safer than a human driver (by various independent tests).
The chap being interviewed seemed to think that driverless robot cars would be commonplace within ten years. There was then an interesting question posed.... given that a robotic car is demonstrably safer than the one I drive about (because it's me driving it as opposed to a computer) how much cheaper would the insurance on one be? Or more realistically given that robotic cars will probably be insured at much the same rates as cars of today are, how much more will we have to pay for the insurance for a traditional "self-drive" car in years to come?
Personally I'm amazed that self-driving cars weren't developed years ago.

This article made my piss boil. Apparently not content with the abysmal standard of behaviour and attainment in our schools, the crackpot educational theorists have decided that asking children to show respect to their teachers is making the brats depressed. It's been suggested that children no longer call teachers "Sir" or "Miss", but should address teachers by their first names.
Call me old fashioned if you will, but the sooner we get back to proper discipline in schools the sooner we'll have school leavers who can read and write, and we'll have a decent society again.

I did my bit at work, blew my sax badly, and came home. For a change of scenery me and "Furry Face TM" went round Frog's Island for our evening walk. It took much the same time, and as we were walking I found a ten pence piece on the pavement. That was a result.
Once home I gave "Furry Face TM" his tea, and I got five gallons of best bitter on the go. There's a camping weekend on the horizon. In years gone by I've spent over eighty quid on a weekend's beer. Now I spend less than a tenner and get more for my money. More quantitatively; qualitatively is arguable...

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