6 May 2014 (Tuesday) - New Phone

I'd booked today as a day's holiday, feeling I might need a rest after a weekend away. It was odd sleeping back on the CPAP machine; I think I do get more sleep with that thing blowing air up my nose; but perhaps only an hour or so more sleep than I used to get.
I had intended taking "Furry Face TM" for something of a long walk today, but he was really badly behaved; refusing to acknowledge me when he was off the lead. He was back to his bad old self of being missing for too long; I lost him for over fifteen minutes so when he finally appeared (looking really frightened that he'd got himself lost) I put his lead back on him and brought him home.

I then went up to town. "er indoors TM" had a parcel that needed collecting, and as I was passing I went in to the phone shop to talk about my upcoming mobile upgrade. I came out with my new phone. I've only ever heard one person who actively dislikes the Samsung Galaxy phones, so I got a Galaxy S4.
Whilst I was at it I stopped off at the Sky shop and upgraded the TV package so I can now get all the "On Demand" stuff too.
And as a celebration of the New World Order of technology I treated myself to a black forest gateau milk shake and KFC for lunch. I've been going into that branch of KFC since before "My Boy TM" was born and in that (nearly) thirty years they have never employed anyone who speaks even half-way decent English. Today I conveyed my order by a series of pointing and shaking my head as the assistant recited the menu.

Once home I scoffed my KFC, then despite the nice man in the phone shop having copied all my data over, I spent an hour (or three) re-installing all the apps and reconfiguring the phone to how I want it to be. I've still got a lot to do.
I then went through the monthy accounts. Not too good, really. Stag weekends and camping weekends have taken their toll on already stretched finances. But I keep smiling. I have been told that I can't take it with me when the reaper comes knocking. My immediate reaction was that if I couldn't take it with me then I wouldn't go, but I am told that this is not an option.
And then I mowed the lawn. I say "mowed"; the grass was over eight inches long, so I just gave it a cursory haircut.

I then had a look-see at the geo-map. Every weekend we go for a walk; but we don't just wander aimlessly; preparation is key. I have an idea for a rather serious walk this weekend; seventeen miles over several hours. If any of my loyal readers would like to join in, feel free to drop me a line for the details.

Before I knew what was happening the day had gone, and it was time to adjourn to Arden Drive for the weekly gathering. Apparently whilst I wasn't looking Sir Token croaked. It's amazing what happens when you aren't paying attention...

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  1. Well that was fun! I loved reading about your adventure with your new phone and KFC. Haha! The part with the things you can't take with you just cracked me up. Stay healthy and fun! :)

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World