15 May 2014 (Thursday) - Rants and Pants

Last night I set a bucket of beer fermenting; this morning I was very pleased to find fermentation was in full flow. I did dull chores, then fed most of my toast to "Furry Face TM" as I watched my early morning fix of telly.
I didn't watch "Game of Thrones" over brekkie this morning; instead I caught up on this week's episode of "The Tomorrow People". There's no denying that his show could learn from Game of Thrones"; if Tomorrow People are going to do nudey prod-games, they would do them far more effectively by removing their pants first like they do in Game of Thrones". Not that I'm advocating nudey prod-games.
I also had enough time for this week's episode of "Derek"; another show which most people seem to have missed, but is not too shabby at all.

After brekkie-telly I checked out the Internet; social media again amazed me. Intelligent and reasonable people were once more posting frankly nonsensical gibberish about the supposed efficacy of crackpot pseudo-medical remedies. If sucking kiwi-fruit or drinking bleach really did cure cancer, then cancer would never be the terrible problem that it is.
(If anyone thinks I'm being facetious about drinking bleach, see my rant on 18 April 2011which was inspired by a relative who, having been taken in by the crackpot herbalists, actually was drinking bleach on a regular basis for alleged medicinal reasons - even though every mouthful made him throw up)
And as for the conspiracy theories which suggest that these herbal (so-called) remedies are being suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry... (takes a deep breath). If rubbing pineapples on your arse really did prevent cancer, then the pharmaceutical industry would never have been created in the first place. It would be arse-pineapples rather than pharmaceuticals which would be a billion pound industry. (Dur !!)

And so to work; in my new undercrackers; I quite like them. It's rather sad when new undercrackers are one of the highlights of an otherwise dull day. Mind you I'm not sure that my new socks are of quite the same calibre; they look rather flimsy and insubstantial.

The morning's news on the radio was rather worrying As part of the ongoing international posturing over events in the Ukraine, Russia has raised the possibility of its withdrawing its involvement with the International Space Station. That's an interesting position to take; does the rest of the world realise that at the moment (and for the foreseeable future) Russia is the only country with the capability to actually get to the I.S.S.?
Am I being cynical in wondering if Russia actually realises this.? They could annex the I.S.S. and no one could do a thing about it..

I did my bit at work; and at lunchtime I had my sax practice. I'm trying the tunes teacher set me; I'm struggling a little. "Yankee Doodle" is supposed to be a fast and uplifting melody; I've transformed it into a dirge. And squawky notes are getting more and more commonplace.
But, as they say, practice makes perfect. Eventually.

Home, and with "Furry Face TM" walked I came home and nearly collapsed. I don't feel particularly well; I wonder if I'm sickening for something. I think I might have an early night...
Perhaps some of my loyal readers might be able to suggest a herbal tonic...

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