5 May 2014 (Monday) - Roundabouts, Home...

Despite not being too cold at all last night, as I drove to the shower block (yes, drove!) I saw that the thermometer in the car was registering 1oC. I was surprised by that; it certainly felt warmer.
Having used the facilities I made myself a cuppa and watched the world go by from our gazebo. It was really peaceful watching the mist burn away at 6.30am.

After a while the chap in the next tent emerged, smiled, took his tent down and was gone by 7am. I felt rather sorry for this chap; he'd arrived on Friday morning and asked if he could set up near my tent. I was fine with that, and as he set up he said he'd come down on the train from London and was on his own. Bearing in mind that many of the attractions of this weekend were a car drive distant, the chap was at a disadvantage already. Unfortunately having the rest of the Kent cachers arriving to be loudly told that there was an intruder in our midst (and having him pointed out) seemed to scare the chap away.
I only saw him maybe a couple of times during the entire weekend. I hope he had a good time wherever he'd been during the daytimes.

We had a rather good fry-up for brekkie, and then together with our new friend from Derbyshire we went off geocaching. After all, what else do you do at geo-camp. Only a small walk of a couple of miles today; on the way we met an old friend who walked with us till we finished our circuit.
The weather was glorious and we got back to camp to find that the tents were dry, as we'd hoped. The plan was to have all the camp packed away by 4pm in readiness for the closing event. We were packed away by 2.30pm, so we went geocaching. First of all to a cache based on Nigel Molesworth. I can't beleive that no one seems to have heard of Molesworth. We then got a river-based cache which was supposed to be done from a canoe, but with a bit of effort we did it from a bridge, and then we took our lives in our hands finding a cache on a frankly dangerous roundabout on a dual carriageway. It's odd that a cache on a roundabout on a local housing estate was removed by the geo-authorities for safety reasons, but one which sees cars speeding by at over fifty miles per hour is quite acceptable.
And so back to base where we said our goodbyes and we came home. Packing away didn't take too long, and once we'd retrieved "Furry Face TM" from "My Boy TM" we crashed out in front of the telly.
Roll on the next mega geo-camp...

On reflection... It's no secret that I didn't really want to go to this weekend's camp. It was too early in the year (read "going to be too cold to camp"), and very few of our number were up for it. But as it turned out our immediate party was nearly double what I expected it to be, and the vast majority of people at the event were warm and welcoming. More so than at the kite festivals which I have attended for over ten years. I feel unsure when inviting anyone to a kite festival, but I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that people might like to geo-camp.
In retrospect I would have liked to have camped a lilttle closer to the main action (we *were* several hundred yards further than we might have been but that was my fault(!) ), and it was a shame that with many of the planned activities being up to ten miles away, anyone without the use of a car would have missed out on a lot of fun.
But it was (for me) a great weekend. I hear there are plans to do another next year; I have already volunteered to help.
And (as always) there are some photos of the weekend here.

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