18 May 2014 (Sunday) - Happy as a Pig in ...

Being on holiday I'd not brought my CPAP machine. Perhaps I shold have. Despite a belly full of beer I slept for less than four hours.

I read my kindle app for a bit, but everyone was soon awake, and after a rather good brekkie scoffed in the garden we set off to Shoreham for a guided geo-walk. Road works meant we had to adjust our starting point somewhat, but we were up hill and down dale. As we walked we saw skylarks and hawks, foxes and peacocks. We even rescued a lost rambler (the Bread Pudding Man).

There was a minor hiccup as I mistook a pig farm for an airport, and a rather good two pints of ale to be had in the Red Lion at Shoreham's toll bridge, and all too soon it was time to come home. With keys finally found we collected "Furry Face TM" from "My Boy TM" and came home for a rather good bit of curry...

I took one hundred photos whilst we were away

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