29 December 2019 (Sunday) - Visiting Mum

Despite "er indoors TM" having a squabble with one or other of the hounds in the small hours I slept through till eight o’clock. Mind you I felt rough when I got up. I’ve been feeling a bit grim for this last week; I’ve no idea why. But when I feel iffy I have two choices; I can either sulk or I can get on with it.
So I got on with it.

Pausing only briefly to dispose of the turd on the kitchen floor (Sid?) I made some toast and had a look at the Internet. For once my Facebook feed wasn’t snowed out with adverts. It would seem that I wasn’t the only person feeling under the weather. And we weren’t the only people who’s watched “Worzel Gummidge” yesterday, and unlike the initial reaction to the show, several people seemed to have liked it.
Other people were still posting to Facebook from extended holidays and seemed to be having a good time.
I quickly had a go at a geo-puzzle then we took the dogs out.

We did our usual circuit of Bowens Field and the park. The dogs set off in hot pursuit of a squirrel in Bowens Field. I chuckled as the squirrel shot up a tree, but my heart was pounding when the squirrel slipped, fell out of the tree and landed not three feet from the dogs. Had I fell from a tree I would have been fit for nothing, but squirrels are made of sterner stuff. It went straight back up the tree like a bullet from a gun.
As we walked through the park we met quite a few other dogs. There was only one “episode” and that was with a dog whose owner was treating him as a precious princess. I’m still trying to figure out how Pogo’s brain works (if indeed it does) but he seems to get on better with dogs that come up to him to say hello, or with ones that ignore him. Ones that cower in terror or ones whose owners shriek like pink Debbies in flowery dresses seem to set him off.

We came home, settled the dogs and set off. Pausing only briefly to collect "My Boy TM" we drove down to Hastings. We had McLunch and found a Munzee in the car park. "er indoors TM" got to be the “First to Munz” on it. Geocaches are usually found within a couple of hours of going live; this Munzee had been out for six months and no one had Munzed it.
We then went and got the geocache for which I’d solved the puzzle earlier, then it was up to Tesco to get presents for the invalid. My mum was still in hospital, and "My Boy TM" wanted to get her “grapes and shit”. I got an attack of the giggles with a mental image of him turning up at the hospital bearing a bowl containing two turds and a bunch of grapes.

We got grapes (but no “shit”) and drove up to the hospital. We spent a couple of hours with Mum. She’d had a collapse on Christmas evening and has been in hospital ever since. As time has gone on and as tests and more tests are done, the consensus of opinion is that she had a vasovagal attack. (Or fainted, to those who’d prefer less technical terminology). She seemed well; she’s scheduled for a scan of some sort tomorrow, and should be home soon.
I had intended to make a quick getaway to be home before dark (I don’t like driving in the dark), but as we walked out so we met my brother.
We weren’t *that* late home.

"er indoors TM" made cauliflower cheese. We discovered that Fudge likes raw cauliflower. I struggled with more geo-puzzles with varying degrees of success until "er indoors TM" dished up dinner. She boiled up a particularly good bit of cauliflower cheese, then went bowling. I cracked on with the ironing whilst watching the Christmas special episode of “Gavin and Stacey” which was quite good.
Not a bad day off really…

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