23 December 2019 (Monday) - Before the Night Shift

With no messages from either the Environment Agency or the boss in the small hours I slept right through till half past eight. I got up, as did Fudge and Sid. I chivvied both dogs outside to “do their business”.
As I made toast, Sid asked to go out again. I’ve formed a theory about Sid and “his business”. When the other dogs “want to go” they hand around the back door and whine and fuss until they are sent out. Sid doesn’t. he asks once, and having asked once he then feels justified in crapping on the lino.

As I looked at Facebook I saw that a friend had taken her children to Lapland, and on arriving the entire family had had gone down with norovirus. If it was anyone else I would have gloated, but she gets all of life’s bad luck. I played a little “Hero Wars” because Facebook has been constantly bombarding me with adverts about the app. It was rubbish.

Pausing only briefly to open the penultimate window of my advent calendar I went out into the garden. Back in the day I used to grumble when we only had one dog’s turds to harvest. Now we have four, and I have to be careful not to block up the chod-bin, the turd harvest is so plentiful. The back garden was quite the swamp. Fortunately nice-next-door have bodged the fence good enough for now. I can’t do a proper fix without churning the lawn beyond repair.
We then took the dogs for a walk. They had great fun running through the floods in Bowen’s Field. Or that is Fudge, Treacle and Pogo did. After a few minutes we realised we’d lost Sid. I eventually spotted him a hundred yards back. He’d not liked the look of the floods, had turned round and was heading home.
We then played nicely with other dogs. We met a young family who asked (very politely) if they could stroke the dogs. We had a good walk; marred only by Fudge’s insistence on trying to “play piggyback” with Sid. I *really* wish he wouldn’t do that.

Once home I popped over to the shop to get the ingredients for my Christmas cocktail MkII. It is again vodka-based, but this time I’ve bunged in Cadbury’s chocolate eclairs and I’ve got some Elmlea to chuck in it later. At the moment the chocolate eclairs are dissolving quite nicely.
We had a croissant for lunch, then I took myself off to bed for the afternoon whilst "er indoors TM" went shopping. Just as I’d made myself comfortable so all the dogs came up and made themselves comfortable too. We all slept nicely for about five minutes after which time they all charged downstairs barking and shouting for no reason that I could determine. They then all came back to bed for five minutes, and that was the way of things for the next four hours.

The day before the night shift is usually a dull one, and even though it is Christmas week, today followed the usual pattern.
A bit of dinner, then off to the night shift…

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