1 December 2019 (Sunday) Apostrophe's (!)

Treacle was again restless last night. Is it *so* much to ask that she doesn’t spent the night stomping all over me?
I got up at silly o’clock and opened the first window of my Lego advent calendar, saw what I’d got, and spent much of the day then trying to think of what to say about it for Facebook. For the last ten Decembers I’ve been doing my little Advent calendar stories; they seem to have developed a life of their own. I finally came up with an idea… you can see it by clicking here.

I sparked up my lap-top to see what was going on in the world. Friends were on holiday in Alicante; I wasn’t *that* jealous. Other friends had been to Christmas fayres in the West country, or Winter Wonderlands in London.
It was good to see what had been going on.
I had an email. A new geocache only a mile from work… that is “work when in Maidstone”. A shame I was on the early shift in Tunbridge Wells this morning.

It was very dark as I drove to work. It felt colder than it has done recently, even though the care wasn't iced up. Perhaps it was because it was so dark? Going cross-country through all the lanes and getting to work before dawn (for the early shift) was rather different to going up the motorway just as it is getting light.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing the tenants of the most southerly farm in the UK. This place was on the utmost part of the Lizard peninsular, and as the interview progressed you could hear a foghorn going off every few seconds. This foghorn can (apparently) be heard for miles around. It would drive me mad!! Mind you, the farmers being interviewed made me think. Being tenant farmers, they seem to move from farm to farm every couple of years. I thought farming was something of a more long-term project?
There was then talk of the demise of the British Apostrophe Protection Society  - there really was one; set up to combat the misuse of the apostrophe in the written word. But it would seem that the pedants running this organisation have given up fighting a loosing battle. 
Personally I find that people saying "would of" rather than "would have" annoys me, but I'm not going to start a club about it.

I got to work where I had a rather busy early shift. I didn't really want to work today as I being at work meant that I missed the family Christmas party. Every year my brother stages a little get-together for family and friends. I would have liked to have got along to it, but I've already swapped quite a few shifts recently. There's only so much good will I can use up before people get fed up with me.

With my bit done I came home. I’d arrived at work when it was still dark; it was beginning to get dark as I left. And it was raining too. Hearing there was some obscure play on the radio I put my music on and sang along as I drove home. Much as I far prefer working at Maidstone and at Tunbridge Wells compared to where I used to work, there’s no denying that the journey can be trying. Especially the country lanes in the ran at twilight.

I got home, and walked the dogs round the block. We had a rather short walk because the rain was getting worse.
"er indoors TM" is boiling up some dinner. We shall watch “Junior Bake-Off” as we devour it. I do hope the dogs settle tonight…

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