7 August 2014 (Thursday) - Gasometer

The original plan foor today was to be taking a day's holiday which would be spent loading the car in readiness for a weekend camping at Teston kite festival. But this time I couldn't get the holiday either before or after the weekend. It was suggested I went up Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening, but it would have been a lot of effort for just one night away.
I suppose I could have taken a lot less gear, but there is a difference between "camping" and "roughing it in a tent"; I've done minimalist camping a couple of times and it's simply no fun. Especially in the rain; and we've had several wet days at Teston over the years.
So like any other day I was up and about far earlier than most people would be. Even "Furry Face TM" was still asleep as I scoffed my toast whilst watching new episodes of "Family Guy".

And so to work on a bright morning. Or bright for me. It's not so bright for those in Africa where the ebola epidemic is rampaging unchecked. My piss boiled when the radio wheeled on some academic twit who was bleating on about the need for "ethically controlled evidence" when an experimental drug has been shown to help ebola sufferers. These people are dying (horribly) and people in ivory towers want to mess around with silly experiments. Give the drug. Now.

And I couldn't quite work out what was going on as the announcement was made that far from being affected by the international sanctions, the average Russian seems blissfully unaware of any of their effects. In order to punish them for their alleged involvement in Ukrainian wars the western governments are trying to make things difficult financially for Russia. However it's not working. In response Russia has enforced its own sanctions against those who would take up sanction against them. And it is the rest of the world which seems to be suffering from Russia's tit-for-tat reprisal sanctions. One of the big-wigs at the construction machinery manufacturer JCB said they may well end up going out of business through Russia's actions against the west.
As Fergal once said; the greatest risk of striking out is the risk of being hurt.

I did work, I came home again. Finding that "er indoors TM" was home we all went for a walk round the park together. We played "seagull skittles" in the co-op filed when "Furry Face TM" set them all flying. We scared a small Scottie, and I even spotted Ashford's elusive gasometer...

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