5 August 2014 (Tuesday) - Stuff

I had a terrible night's sleep. I say "sleep"; when Suzy-pup wasn't barking she was alternately growling or whimpering. I gave up any attempt at sleep at 5am and watched telly whilst she continued to bark, whimper and growl. In between various noises I watched the latest episode of the documentary about trainee Royal Marine Commandoes. I wonder if things had been different could I have been a career soldier? I don't think so somehow.

I then broke one of my resolutions and spent half an hour (or so) squabbling about trivia on social media, and then took both dogs for a walk. We didn't go as far as I had planned; both pups were trying to pick seperate fights with other dogs (in different directions) so we came home again.
As we walked through the park we encountered a rather fat chap doing sit-ups on a park bench with a ghetto-blaster playing Bollywood tunes at full blast. We've not seen him before. And as we came home along Christchurch Road we saw the police hammering on the door of the house out of which a lot of shouting and swearing was coming last night. I had a sly smile about that noise on yesterday's walk; after a torrent of "F- this F-that" another voice bellowed "OK now shut it" and there was silence.
This morning the 'bules are out. I wonder what is going on there?

I left a little early for work; we'd run out of Koi food and yesterday I drove straight past the Koi shop having forgotten all about getting some scoff. I made a point of stopping there today; I looked at the expensive food and laughed. I then looked at the medium priced fish-scran and thought about it, and finally settled for a bag which was five times the weight of the second cheapest stuff for just over half the price. Let's hope they eat it; in the past they've turned their noses up at the cheap scoff. But in these days of austerity it is that or nothing; my dog has the crusts off of my toast now.

I then drove on past work and kept going. Whilst I'd been out with the dogs earlier I'd had an email to say that a new geocache had gone live a few miles past Canterbury. I like doing something in the morning before work, and chasing an FTF is always fun (if you like that sort of thing). I chased it; I got it. Happy dance.
From where I was the way back to work took me through Sturry where a few weeks ago I'd failed to find a cache hidden there. I failed again on this one today. I shall cheat - a geo-buddy found it recently. I shall send her an email.

I then stopped off in the sub Post Office in Sturry to get some sweeties (diet, pah!) and was harangued by a pikey. She'd had a note through her door to tell her to collect a parcel from the Post Office, and so there she was. If I had been brave enough I would have said she was at the wrong Post Office, but I didn't like to tell her that.
She was incensed that she couldn't just turn up at any old Post Office; she thought it was utterly unreasonable that she had to go to a specific Post Office. I would have thought it would have made sense to have gone to the Post Office where they had told her that her parcel actually was; but what do I know?

Work was much the same as ever, and I came home to find our emergency back-up dog had returned home and that the clans had gathered "chez nous". Being late I missed much of the insult-bandying, but sat with a dog on my lap for this week's installment of "The 100". I counted the deaths - it's slightly over ninety now...

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