10 August 2014 (Sunday) - Rain

I woke at 6.30am, got up, shaved, had brekkie and was bored by 7am. I looked out the window and saw the rain was still hammering down. Judging by the puddles in the road it must have been raining for most of the night. To pass the time I solved a couple of geo-puzzles, and then spent nearly two hours applying to join a professional association. A dull, but necessary chore.
By 9am I was going stir crazy, so I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. We were only out for just under half an hour and we got soaked. We came home and I set about the ironing that I gave up on last night. It didn't take long, and for once I could say there was no washing or ironing in the house to be done.

The sun came out just as I was ironing the last T shirt, but by the time I'd put the ironing board away the rain was pouring again. Usually on Sundays we go for long walks but with everyone else busy and the bad weather still continuing I was at a loose end.
It was a shame that "My Boy TM" was away for the weekend; I would have invited myself round for lunch. They had invited me down to spend the day with them at Pontins but I didn't want to leave "Furry Face TM".
I *could* have gone to Teston to visit the campers but much as I'd like to see friends, shivering in a tent or caravan is no fun. And my dog would have got filthy. Bearing in mind how bad the weather had been it was as well I hadn't gone camping.
I've since heard that Teston stalwarts were abandoning the festival and going home at mid day when normally they stay till after 7pm.

Mind you this is the first time I've missed the Teston kite festival in ten years, and it was just my luck that I missed the fight. Apparently there has been fisticuffs. Someone drove a 4x4 on the field nearly hitting people. It got stopped and one of the campers let the tyres down, another speared the vehicle with a metal stake and a third camper thumped the driver. I would like to have seen that. I've heard there is a video which will be put on-line soon; I'm looking forward to seeing it.

A cinema trip was suggested for the afternoon, but everyone else had had the same idea and the place was already booked out. I had a bit of lunch and as the rain slackened off I put the collar and lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we went for a little wander. Today is "Sidetracked" day in the geo-world. If you log a find on a "Sidetracked" cache today you get a geo-souvenir so I went to my nearest such geocache which was in Tenterden. As luck would have it the two geo-puzzles I'd solved this morning were within a couple of miles (or so) of that cache so it made for a nice little walk of an hour or so during a gap in the rain.
Just as I got home so the torrential rain hit again.

I bathed the mud off of my dog, watched a bit of telly then put on long trousers and a fleece, settled "Furry Face TM" down, and went outside to wait for Steve to arrive. He was soon there and we went down to Folkestone where there was an observing the moon session because of today's harvest moon. A dozen of us watched the moon for an hour or so.
Quite fun, but rather cold. Mind you I was just glad that the rain had stopped.
Once home I got into my jim-jams... and now there's more stuff in the laundry basket again...

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