16 August 2014 (Saturday) - More Games

I woke a lot earlier than I would have liked this morning. Even earlier than "Furry Face TM". I had my brekkie whilst watching "Family Guy". I then tried watching an episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" which was on the UK Gold channel but I soon turned it off. That show was bad enough fifty years ago and it hasn't stood the test of time.
Having tricked my dog into taking his antibiotic tablet (I hid it in a lump of cheese) I took him for a little walk up to the railway station and then on to Frogs Island via the McArthur Glen Outlet Centre. As we walked I had my scanner active; I charged some portals, captured one and set up a control field over Upper Denmark Road. Go - Go Team Green !!!
I'm qetting quite into this Ingress game. Must go attack the chip shop again.

When I got home I saw a new geocache had gone live. I had a plan that this afternoon I would find the three closest caches to home and would then have found all the caches within five miles of home. Here was a new one only one mile away. I hopped into the car thinking I would chase an FTF. I chased it.. and got it. Not bad for International Geocaching Day.
This one was an excellent cache. Some geocaches are manky wet scraps of paper in broken sandwich boxes under rocks. This one wasn't. It was.... well I won't spoil the surprise but let's just say that it is a work of genius. However I will say that (like all "clever" caches) I suspect this one will be high maintenance for the chap who hid it.

I came home, haad a cuppa, then voomed round to help my brother with some heavy lifting. Then after a Belgian but for lunch (259 calories) it was time for sax lesson. Every week is the same; I do my saxophone homework (set pieces to learn). I can do them very well at home. I show teacher what I can do, and it all goes to pot.
Apparently my rhythm is lacking; to allieviate this shortcoming I have downloaded a metronome app. Let's see if it helps.

We then put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and went for a short walk around Brook. He always likes a walk, and so do I. We found the geocaches we were after whilst we were out, and "er indoors TM" mounted an attack on a portal in a pub; which I thought was harsh. She's jumped on the Ingress bandwagon too, but has joined the wrong side.
Once home I was slobbing about (as one does) when I had a flurry of messages from my Ingress app. Yesterday afternoon I went out and claimed much of Viccy Park for Team Green. Some git from Team Blue has gone out, blown away all that I did yesterday and captured the park for his side. I shall have to work out what I do about that. Mind you I have recruited acquired daughter to the cause; and the last I heard she was off on a mission of her own to attack something blue which was six hundred metres away.
I can't help but wonder how she got on...

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