17 August 2014 (Sunday) - Doing the Family Thing

Yesterday I scrambled up a tree in order to chase a geocache. I think I must have strained something when I did that as my side felt very bruised and painful this morning.
Over brekkie I watched an episode of "Saxondale" and I combed my dog. "Furry Face TM" likes being combed, and whenever I stopped combing he would whinge until I started again. I kept combing whilst watching Challenge TV. "Fun House" and "The Crystal Maze" were both entertaining, and passed the time until the washing machine stopped.

With washing on the line I went to play Ingress.... erm.... I took my dog for a walk. OK - so I played Ingress as we went. I established control over much of the area between home and the International station, and I've taken over the portal outside Chippy's house. Mind you an enemy portal outside the Stour Centre did take a pot shot at me as I walked past.
I had a lot of messages via the Ingress app overnight... "MooseofDestiny" had been attacking me (!) I can see this silly game taking up a lot of my time; it's just as well I walk round Ashford for at least an hour every day.

I came home, had a quick cuppa, and set off to the family meal a little earlier than I needeed to. The meal was in Kennington; only a mile from where a new geocache had gone live. I chased the new cache, got First to Find; did the happy dance and the secret geo-ritual, and then went on to the Kennington Carvery for Cheryl's birthday dinner. I'd never been there before. I shall certainly be going back. Four roast meats, eight vegetables, cauliflower cheese and parsnips. All you can eat; and if you can't get all you can eat on your plate you can go back. And all for a tenner.
Twenty of us sat down for a scoff; and what a scoff it was.

We had a lovely meal, said our goodbyes and went down to Folkestone where we found "Daddies Little Angel TM". I spent a few minutes winding up Charlie and then we went down to the Coastal Park where we met Jose.
Alice in the Coastal Park was intended to be a live-action Alice in Wonderland re-enactment. We went to last year's production and it was really good fun. As we arrived at the coastal park the heavy rain started. Literally hundreds of people were hurrying out of the park, and as we too hurried away so the rain became torrential and in ten seconds I went from being a bit damp to being soaked.
We retreated back to the maisonette where I dried out whilst asleep in front of episodes of Bear Grylls on the telly. A great shame - I'd been looking forward to this for months.

On the way home we stopped off to try to find a geocache. It went live on Friday. No one had yet found it. We didn't either.
We also stopped of at McDonalds. Still stuffed from the lunchtime carvery we didn't fancy anything for tea, but a McFlurry might just hit the spot. It did.

Once home "er indoors TM" set off bowling. I took "Furry Face TM" off to South Willesborough where, feeling flushed with success after woofing at a cat, he nearly got involved in an altercation with a goat. He was playing his games, and I was playing mine. I captured four more portals for the Enlightened faction. Mind you whilst I had been out and about today some cheeky devil had liberated the area between home and the International station which I had captured this morning.
Talking of which... yesterday I finished by saying that Lisa was off on a mission of her own to attack something blue which was six hundred metres away. I've not heard from her since. I wonder if she's OK...

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