15 August 2014 (Friday) - Here's Another Game to Play

I didn't sleep especially well last night and was watching the documentary about Royal Marines in training before 6am. As I watched the telly I saw the bin men coming up the road. According to the council's web site we can leave out a bag of textiles for collection. We left them a bag; they left it behind. Quite frankly I expected nothing else from them. If you try to ask them why they aren't doing the job they are paid to do they always have endless reasons for why they should do as little as possible.
It's easier to just take the rubbish to the tip myself.

We then set off to a meet-up of geocachers which had been specifically organised for the purpose of gathering geocachers for a geocache search... despite section II 2.6 of the rules which says "An Event Cache should not be set up for the purpose of gathering geocachers for a geocache search". Much as I like going hunting tupperware, the hobby would really benefit from having a fair-handed application of the rules.
Today's meet was specifically for people to meet up to go off to Germany for the giga- geo-meet over the coming weekend; and for anyone else who was interested to come along to wave them off. I'd booked today off work months ago specifically to go off to Germany with them. It looked like being a rather cheap weekend away until I realised that all that was being offered on the deal was the coach trip; accommodation was to be extra so I decided against going.

The meet-up was at the Eureka park just off of Junction 9 of the M20; chosen as an ideal place for people to meet up to get on to the coaches going to the event in Germany. A couple of dozen of us met up to wave goodbye to those going to the Giga-event. We stood around chatting for some time, and eventually the news came through that the coaches (which had set off originally from Milton Keynes) had been delayed. Gradually everyone went their seperate ways, "er indoors TM" set off to work, Lisa, "Furry Face TM" and I went over to McDonalds for McBreakfast leaving those who were going to Germany waiting for the coaches.

Having a dog with us we sat outside Maccy D's to hace our McScoff, and with McBrekkie scoffed there was still no sign of any coaches so we went off for a morning's geocaching round Lydd. We had a good walk and found a few caches; eventually giving up just before the forecast rain hit.

Once home I did some fiddling about with the monthly accounts (skint) and then had a look at what might just be the next craze. Ingress is.... well, I'm not entirely sure what it is. My cousin said to sign up to it because he gets freebies if I join. So I joined. It looks like a GPS based augmented reality game. All I knew for sure was that there was a portal held by my faction just up the road, and an unclaimed portal at work.
I had a run through the tutorial; it seemed fairly straightforward so I took "Furry Face TM" for a mission. We went along Torrington Road where we set up a control field (!) and then moved on to Bowens Field where we captured a portal (oo-er!). Within an hour we had four new portals taken for our side, and had established control of great swathes of Ashford from the International Station to Christchurch and also half of Viccy Park was under our flag. Flushed with success I mounted an attack on the enemy encampment at the chip shop and had my arse handed to me on a plate.
When I have figured out how to do it properly I have decided to deploy a portal outside the house of "The Man with No Alias" before he starts getting lippy. After all it worked in geocaching.

Once "er indoors TM" had come home we took a birthday pressie round to Cheryl and on the way back we stopped outside the college where I showed "er indoors TM" how to activate a neutral portal (!) Having activated it for the correct team I suggested she might like to attack it. She did. It attacked her back. Well, she is on the wrong team....

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