18 August 2014 (Monday) - Walking... Lots...

Yesterday when I had lunch with "My Boy TM" he was having a whinge that he was being taken to bingo and he didn't want to got. It turned out that he is now president of the bingo fan club having won five hundred pounds at yesterday's little session.

As I scoffed my brekkie this morning I noticed someone looking rather suspicious in my front garden. There is a geocache out there; periodically I see people going for it and I pop out for a chat. Today I met some people who were over from Australia and were caching round Ashford. Australia - that's quite a distance for a "furthest find from home". My furthest find from home is Southampton.
Whilst chatting the Aussies told me that they couldn't find my cache that I'd hidden on a road sign by the dentist's. Sure enough it had gone missing again. That one winds me up. I walk past this cache at least three times a week...... and at least three times a week I turn the cache around. For a magnetic cache to work the magnet on the cache has to be in contact with the metal that is magnetic; not the aluminium bit which is not. Is that *really* such a difficult concept for people to grasp?

I popped up to Ashford to pay a couple of cheques into the bank for the astro club; I took a rather circuitous route there and back because I was playing Ingress as I went. Once home I popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and took him for a litle walk. We went down to Brittania Lane where (for the first time) I destroyed an enemy stronghold (oo-er!). From here we came home via Coulter Road, the Environment Cente and Viccy Park where we rolled in something foul.
For those of my loyal readers who don't know the area, that route is akin to going from London to Brighton via New York.

After nearly four hours walking we came home. My dog curled up on my lap and went to sleep. I downloaded the new Savlonic album; as a Kickstarter supporter of theirs I got a free download. I quite like thier stuff. A quick sandwich whilst watching "Family Guy" and then I had a go at the astro club's accounts. All the money which is supposed to be there is there.

I thought I might catch up with some stuff I'd recorded onto tthe SkyPlus box, but fell asleep in front of the telly. Woops. And then bearing in mind what a good dog "Furry Face TM" had been at the vet's last week I thought we might just go back to Pets at Home (the vets is in there) and get him a treat. The idea being he will associate the place with getting treats, not injections and fingers up his bum. So we walked to Pets at Home along a rather roundabout way, and in doing so captured much of South Ashford for Team Green. I'm getting rather into this new game.

"er indoors TM" set off bowling, and I then spent the evening ironing shirts. Rather dull... Mind you for all that "er indoors TM" claimed to be bowling I could see from the Ingress app that she was off attacking portals; specifically the ones I set up earlier...

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