3 August 2014 (Sunday) - Feeling a Bit Rough

It has to be said that yesterday was something of a blur. I woke this morning in front of the television fully clothed at 2.20am.
I had a shower, went to bed, and slept as best as I could until waking shortly before 7am. It was hot, and someting didn't feel right. As I pulled off my CPAP machine so blood flooded from my nose. I'd developed a nose bleed overnight and the CPAP device had been blowing the blood back up my conk. I came downstairs to find our house guests were all up and about and tidying up. I watched them doing my housework for me whilst I waited for my nose to stop bleeding. It was a rather serious bleed; lasting for over half an hour. I found that standing in the cool garden helped it stop.
As we tidied outside I was very conscious of our "delighttful" neighbour glaring at us from her upstairs window. I smiled sweetly at her and she hurriedly looked away.

A concerted effort had much of the mess sorted by 9am. We had a bite of brekke, and as "er indoors TM" sorted the last of the tidying I took the Folkestonians home. I returned to find "My Boy TM" and Lacey had come round, and they helped me with the gazebos.

We cooked up some of the barbecue stuff and scoffed it for a spot of lunch. Kim and Andy arrived, and we set off to collect Suzy and her associate. After all today was Sunday; walk day.
Today's geo-walk was deliberately low-key. I thought some of us might be under the weather after yesterday's booze-up, so today I planned a mission to collect geo-souvenirs. Periodically Geo-HQ issue e-souvenirs for if and when you do something geocachical. There are seven souvenirs to be had this month for finding certain types of geo-wotsits. Today we got our planned five. (We'll get the others next Saturday) And we had a gentle stroll too. We had a minor hiccup when we took our lives in our hands crossing the world's most ricketty stile only to find we were going the wrong way, but we soon recovered.
Just recently our Sunday walks have been ten hours and sixteen miles; today was a couple of hours and a couple of miles. It made a gentle change.

"er indoors TM" went off bowling and I fell asleep in front of the telly, ending the day much as it started...

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