14 August 2014 (Thursday) - Hospitals, Vets

I slept through till 7am this morning. That's nearly eight hours sleep. Just like the normal people do. As I started to walk downstairs my knee gave a really painful twinge. I hope it stops doing that soon. I eventually hobbled downstairs to see my little dog seemed equally still this morning. I checked out the Internet over brekkie; not a lot seemed to be going on, which was probably for the best.

My mobile rang; it was the garage who had found a leak in the car's air-con. They seemed surprised; I thought it was rather obvious that the thing had a leak; that's why the last re-gassing had only lasted for a week. They then phoned back fifteen minutes later to tell me that they needed to get a special part from Renault which they wouldn't get until this afternoon.

I put the washing on the line, settled "Furry Face TM" and walked to the hospital. Today was my anaethetic review prior to the surgical rebore of my nose. I arrived at the out patient deparrtment with time to spare. After a little wait I then fiilled out a questionnaire asking all the questions I'd answered at the last two out patient appointments and I then sat with a nurse who told me what the specialists had told me at the last two out paatient appointments.

I then went round to the cardiology department for an E.C.G., which is standard practice for the over-fifties (!) .

I then walked home again. I stopped off in Newtown to get a sandwich. I won't be going back to that shop. The shop itself was passable; but there is something fundamentally wrong with a local shop being filled with middle-aged women drinking Stella and Special Brew from the can.

Once home I scoffed my lunch whilst watching more "Family Guy" until Lisa came round. We had a plan for the afternoon. First of all we went up a tree to find an arboreal geocache. That didn't do my bad knee any good. Then we jumped a fence and went off in search of an underground bunker we'd heard about. The hill we found took its toll on my knee as well. Our instructions for finding the entrance to the bunker had been rather vague, but soon enough we found a likely looking tunnel and scrambled inside. It was either the entrance to a wartime bunker or it was a sewer. It didn't smell too bad so we thought we'd taake a chance. After twenty yards the tunnel opened out into a couple of rooms and we spent a few minutes looking around. I took a few photos whilst we were inside, and then we made our way back to the car and home.

Once home (a la recherche du temps perdu (!)) I sparked up my old favourite pastime "NeverWinter Nights" and had a wander round Castle Never until the garage phoned to tell me my car was ready for collection. "Furry Face TM" and I walked over to Willesborough to be told my seal had been leaking, and if it does it again I should take the recalcitrant component back to them.

As my dog jumped into the car my eye was caught by the sores on his back. I knew he had bald patches; I'd been putting cream on to them recently, but I had no idea how bad they had become.

We went straight to the vet.

We try to walk into the vet's at "Pets at Home" once a week so he gets used to it. He is fine in the shop area and in the vet's waiting zone. But the moment the consulting room door opened he tried to escape. He was terrified.

But I'm much bigger than he is, and he had no choice. He was scooped up and unceremoniously dumped on the vet's table. After a little rummage the vet announced his anal glands needed "doing". Rubber gloves, fingers where they shouldn't be, a fishy smell. The problem was cured but his back remains sore. He's been given a steroid shot which may well leave him "out of sorts for a day or so" and he's been given a course of antibiotics. He's also been declared to be overweight and, like his Granddad, he has to go on a diet.

I bought him a large chew-bone for being a good dog at the vets, and he spent much of the evening chomping away at said chew-bone. We had been thinking of going for a walk this evening, but I'd already walked to the hospital and back and to the garage; all of which probably wasn't a good idea with my knee aching. And also bearing in mind the intermittent rain and a dog which had been medically declared to be "out of sorts" we decided to have a quiet night in. So we slobbed in front of "Little Shop of Horrors".

Well I liked it.......

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