1 August 2014 Friday) - Weight Loss

Part of being on a diet is a weekly weigh-in to see how (or if) the weight loss is progressing. In this new diet I've decided to have the weekly weigh-in on a Friday morning. That way I can pig out at the weekends and diet during the week. In this first week my weight's dropped from a shade over sixteen stone to just over fifteen and a half stone. That's seven pounds off thanks to calorie counting and being constantly hungry.
I'm a quarter of the way to my target weight of what I was after the last diet. The first week's weight loss is always the most impressive; let's see how it continues.

I had my usual breakfast of jam on toast. "MyFitnessPal" (dot com) doesn't make allowances for your dog having the crusts; buut they can't be more than fifty calories at most. And with toast scoffed I set off to work. The morning's news really came as no surprise; those who have whistleblown in the public sector have generally not received the legal protection they should have. Instead they have been the victims of "shocking bullying and harrassment"... The sad take-home message here is that one should keep one's trap shut. Too late for many of us now though...

I stopped off at Morrisons for some loo rolls and diet sugar (yes- it exists), and then did a day's work before coming home again. The evening's news was depressing. War and plague. This is the twenty-first century and history is just repeating itself. We may have instantaneous communication, high speed travel, wonderful technology, but as a race we are just the same as we ever were.

I came home via "My Boy TM" where I emptied my car and collected the gas-barby, aand once I'd walked "Furry Face TM" round the co-op field I had a rather dull evening of domestic drudgery. Household accounts, ironinng, assoorted dull until "er indoors TM" came home with fish and chips.
So much for the diet...

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