18 March 2014 (Tuesday) - Munzees, Russia

Yesterday I mentioned my disappointment with www.musicteachers.co.uk and asked if anyone knoew of a music teacher. I asked in several places on the Internet, and as I checked out cyberspace over brekkie this morning (to my amazement) www.musicteachers.co.uk offered their services.
I also had a message from a friend asking if I knew about the Munzees that had gone live over the weekend. I didn't, and checking the map I saw they were within walking distance. With little else to do but watch episodes of Family Guy I took "Furry Face TM" for an early walk, and we got First to Find on five of them before 7am.

And so to work. As I drove I listened to the radio. The world is aghast at developments in Crimea. I am convinced I am missing something vital in this story. From what I can see part of the Ukraine has declared its independence and has asked to become part of Russia.
It seems very odd to me that the western world is all very pro-democracy all the time it is their (our) variety of democracy which is being touted. No one seems to have any problem with the Scots having a referendum for their own independence. How is the Crimean situation different?
There was also talk of making non payment of the TV licence fee a civil offence as opposed to a criminal offence. It would seem that ten per cent of magistrates' time is spent on such cases.
Surely the time has come to abolish the licence fee.

Yesterday I mentioned I'd hidden a new geocache in Canterbury. It was found for the first (and only so far) time this morning shortly after 9am; whilst I was at work.

I did my bit at work, and came home via the pet shop where I stocked up on "Furry Face Food TM". And having quicky run my dog round the block the clans gathered. Insults were bandied, and we watched another episode of Merlin. But there's no denying the show is suffering following the recent demise of Sir Bigtits...

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