8 March 2014 (Saturday) - Solar Astronomy

er indoors TM" was supposedly dying to death of lurgy yesterday. That didn't stop her doing God knows what until the small hours; finally clumping to bed at 3am and waking me up. I then lay awake befire finally getting up shortly after 5am and watching drivel on the telly wishing I was asleep.

Eventually it was time to set off for the business of the day, and leaving er indoors TM" and "Furry Face TM" fast asleep I made my way to the town centre. The astro club was doing a display on the town bandstand as part of national astronomy week. I arrived to find Steve, Sarah, Denver and Jo getting ready, and I chipped in as I do.
We were soon set up and talking to the general public. Being broad daylight there was only really one star we could gaze at, and the solar telescope was put to good use.
We got loads of interest from the general public; I met loads of friends; it's amazing how many people were in town today. "My Boy TM" was even passing and I had McLunch with him and Lacey.

And we saw loads of nut cases who taught me so much. I learned that the first meteorite to hit the Moon did so in 1969, and it is currently on display in a museum in Japan. Also I found out that America's sun has got a sunspot which is about to explode and spray solar material all over America. However there is no need for my loyal readers on this side of the Atlantic to worry; the British sun is fine.
We had an enquiry; a chap wanted me to tell him what was wrong with his telescope. Apparently no matter what direction he points the thing, all he ever sees was the ground.
We had the family from Deliverance who asked if we could see aliens through our telescopes.
We had the village idiot who asked how many UFOs we had reported to the police this year.
And we had one rather special fellow who liked nothing more than lying on his back and staring up so that he couldn't see anything else but the universe. As if anyone has ever seen anything else (!)

I took a few photos of the event. It was good fun.

The Rear Admiral had left his car outside the house, so I walked home with him via the milkshake shop where I had a Maltesers milk shake. The miilkshake shop has a very wide repertoire; they even offer milkshakes made from bakes beans or pickled onions. Tempted as I might be, next time I shall settle for one made from a Mars bar.

Being back on regular hours I don't have time mid-week for domestic trivia any more, so this evening I set the washing machine to have a fight with my smalls whilst I did this week's installment on my on-line course. Astoundingly I scored 90% on TCP/IP protocols. I think it's fair to say that the amazement experienced by my loyal readers on learning this fact is as nothing when compared to my own...

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