15 March 2014 (Saturday) - Got my Saxophone

Yesterday I mentioned that a chap had contacted me about buying his saxophone. Having offered him half his asking price he got back to me this morning with a counter-proposal. He'd accept half the asking price plus some items in trade. Specifically any unwanted gold I might have. Unwanted gold !? Is there such a thing? Was I being hopelessly naive in thinking this was a little odd?
I said I'd get back to him after pay day.

With er indoors TM" still asleep I took "Furry Face TM" for a short walk. Having obtained a rock to be used as a geo-anchor we went round to the river and re-floated my "luvaduck" geocache. Whilst we were in the area I got chatting with the people from the Environment Agency who were pulling a mattress out of the river.
What sort of pikey throws a mattress into the river? It's actually easier and much less effort to take the thing to the tip.

Once home I sat about killing time on Facebook until er indoors TM" was ready for action. We went into Ashford for a mooch. We didn't buy much; just a few odds and ends from Ashford's Cheapo Bargains store. We met up with Bernie and Martin. We went into the girlie clothes shop to bother Cheryl, and we had a rather good spot of lunch in the Gorge. Feeling suitably stufffed we went round to Chill Time for milk shakes. I had a black forest gateau milk shake. That wasn't "black forest gateau flavoured", it was made with actual black forest gateau. I watched them chop a lump off of the cake, chuck it in a mixer with milk and ice cream and blend the whole lot into a milk shake. Very tasty.

I then spent a little while sorting out the shed. I was amazed at what I found in there; some stuff is worth keeping, some is rubbish, and there was rather a lot of staff which would have been worth keeping were it not absolutely sodden.
Over the winter the roofing felt has come adrift several times and despite quite a few repairs the rain has got in. There's been quite a bit of damage done. I had hoped to be able to completely re-felt the shed roof today, but my prime assistant had better things to do. Oh well, it's his fishing gear which was sitting in pooled rain water.

And so to Maidstone. The chap with the saxophone had relented and accepted my offer. His acceptence was rather grudging, but to be fair to him I wasn't paying anything like what the sax is probably worth. He said I could collect the thing this evening (from his mother). So I did.
I've got it home and have had a provisional trial squawk with it. I can get several notes out of it. I'm rather impressed with my impromptu seranade, and my dog sang along too. In fact I've got more notes out of it in five minutes than I did in five years with a bugle.
There's no denying that I have no idea which of the notes is an "A" and which is not, but in many ways figuring out the notes is just piddling details. I've found several You-Tube videos which will give me pointers, and if that don't work I'll take the unprecedented step of getting lessons.
I've unraveled the mysteries and intricacies of TCP/IP protocols, of oxidative phosphorylation, of blood group serology and of differential calculus. I've lectured on herpetology, cosmology and haematology. For all that I work hard to conceal it, there's no denying the fact that I'm a genius.
How hard can it be to play the can-can...?

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