9 March 2014 (Sunday) - Back to Wye

Another terible night's sleep. I was up and sharing my toast with a very sleepy "Furry Face TM" whilst watching episodes of Family Guy well before 6am. By the time er indoors TM" came down I'd been awake for over five hours and so was bored senseless.

We were soon ready for the off; and having collected Gordon Tracy we set off to Wye. Regular readers of this drivel amy recall a series of geocaches went live in Wye two weeks ago and although I First to Finded seveal of them, I failed to find several others. So we went back to Wye,. Whils we were at it we did another cache series as well. Everyone else added twenty one to their total of cache finds; I only added five as I'd been there before. But it's not always all about the numbers. Four of this five were particularly elusive caches that I was pleased to find; and one of them was something completely new to me. And when your cache find count is approaching three thousand, that's saying something.

Wye Downs is only five miles from home, and it's a beautiful place to walk. Two weeks ago the mud was thick; whilst it was still muddy in places, it was nowhere near as bad as it was.
I took some photos whilst we were out too.

Once home "Furry Face TM" jumped into the bath. He knows the price he has to pay for rolling in fox poo. And with various grunges washed off of my dog I popped round to Denver and Jo to pick up the astro club's Dobsonian telescope for tomorrow evening. Denver didn't look well. Like me, he would seem to suffer with a bad back.

er indoors TM" set off for her regular Sunday bowling fix, and I watched Family Guy and Big Bang Theory in between eavesdropping on the row that next door were having. I say " eavesdropping"; they were screeching louder than the television. He was bellowing at her to f*&! off back to Japan, and she was screaming at him him to give her the value of her half of the house.
There is nothing more entertaining than someone else's domestic problems...

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