7 March 2014 (Friday) - Who You Gonna Call...?

Another relatively good night's sleep; perhaps this is to do with being back into a regular routine? I had my brekkie all to myself as my dog slept through the last episode or Pride and Prejudice in which Mr Darcy declared his intentions and found they were no longer unwelcome to Miss Eliza Bennett. The hussy!

My new walking shoes have arrived. Half price through mail order from Cotton Traders; I wore them towork today. They are quite comfortable. I wonder how long they will last.

And so to work. As always I listened to the news. The Thought for the Day section made an interesting point about the impact of social media on schools; apparently absenteeism is far higher in schools on Mondays than any other day of the week. The reasoon for this being that schoolchildren have all argued over social media all weekend, have all fallen out, and don't want to face each other.
The news about today's strike made my piss boil. Barristers and solicitors are up in arms about the proposed cuts to legal aid. Without legal aid the kind of people who qualify for legal aid can't get free representation in court. This is a bit of a pain to the legal profession because they have priced themselves beyond the pocket of the average man in the street. i.e. me. Not that I speak from bitter experience or anything.
In the same way that the average punter can't afford his own health care or education and has to rely on the state to provide it, surely the time has come to pull the rug out from under the be-wigged gravy train and nationalise the entire legal system.

Just as I arrived at the work's car park my phone beeped. An email. A new geocache had gone live five minutes walk from home. That was a pain. So instead I played with my new app. SpecTrek costs less than two quid, and is absolutely brilliant. You use the GPS of your phone to track down ghosts, and you use the camera of your phone to catch them. I spent an enjoyable quarter of an hour chasing ghosts round the works car park; only nearly getting run over three times.
I was so enamoured with SpecTrek that I spent lunch time playing it as well; much to the bemusement of colleagues who are actually younger than my own children. What is it with youngsters these days - why don;t they want to play silly beggars?

And so home where I put the lead on to "Furry Face TM" and took him to go look for that new geocache. We couldn't find it. Now if it had been a ghost...

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