2 March 2014 (Sunday) - Stuff

I woke shortly after 5am to find the snout of a small snoring dog resting on my chin. I really should have taken a firmer line. But all I did was leave him snoring whilst I went and scoffed my toast while watching episodes of "Family Guy" before setting off to work.

As I drove to work the talk on the radio was of things spiritual; as it usually is on a Sunday. Today the pundits were discussing the state of religious education in schools. Apparently a religious education is vital to ensure that children don't grow up to be ruthless amoral villains. Various teachers, politicians and schoolchildren were interviewed on the matter; all of whom made reasonable arguments, but all of whom made the same logical mistake. Namely that one can have a moral and ethical stance without it needing religious overtones.
A teacher of mathematics or biology can impart decency to his charges every bit as well as can a teacher of religious education. I cannot understand how ethics and morality are seen to hand-in-hand with religion in today's society. Forcing this connection is akin to being unable to admire the beauty of a garden without insisting that there are magical pixies living at the bottom of it.
One can lead a good life *without* the threat of the imaginary wrath of an invisible friend. Even if the Bible says differently.

There was then a church service from a Welsh cathedral. A few days ago I heard something about cathedral choirs being under threat from a lack of funding. Quite frankly if today's dirge was anything to go by, than this can only be good news. Don't get me wrong: a good friend sings in a very good choir; and I like choral music (as with all music) *when* it is done well. But this morning's howling was just part of a classic example of all that is wrong with the Church of England. A religious service should be something beautiful and inspiring; not strangled wailing followed by inane platitudes recited by someone who sounds as though they are even more bored than the congregation which is sleeping through that blather.

The morning's news was worrying. Yesterday it seemed that the Russians were being misunderstood and were acting in the Ukrainians best interests and were on a peace-keeping mission. Now it would seem a full-blown invasion is taking place. The British Government has pulled out of the upcoming international G8 conference, and the Prime Minister has announced that UK ministers will boycott the paralympics being hosted in Russia.
I wonder what is going on? I expect that whatever it is, diplomacy will (once again) solve nothing; which is a sad indictment of human nature.

And so to work. I've said before that I don't mind working at weekends; with a reduced staff I feel I can get on with the job more than usual. But there's no denying that I did have the odd stray thought about what else I might be doing. Fifteen puzzle-geocaches went live near home yesterday. I could have been solving those puzzles with a view to a day spent finding them. Or I could have been in Margate where the cream of the tupperware-hunting fraternity were gathering for the monthly meet-up.
And it didn't help that the weather was rather good too. I don't mind being indoors when its wet, but good weather makes me want to get out and about. I spent much of the day glancing out of the window; and I must admit I was rather miffed that the forecast rain didn't come until it was nearly time for me to finish.

Last night as I drove home I listened to a radio production of "Pride and Prejudice"; I'd been looking forward to the second episode of that on tonight's drive home. I was disappointed; there was no play; instead a rather dull program about money. It turned out the second episode had been broadcast at 3pm this afternoon (!) and the third episode will come out next Sunday afternoon. It struck me as rather odd scheduling; but what do I know?
I suppose I could always download the podcast, but that always seems to be a bit like farting about to me...

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