1 March 2014 (Saturday) - Dull...

I was awake rather earlier than I might have been today. Over brekkie I caught up with some TV dross I've been recording. I started off with the last episode of "The Midnight Beast" which was quite amusing, and then followed it up with the second episode of "Blandings" which was not. TV seems to have a penchant for putting on shows with actors who were funny twenty years ago and hoping they still are. To be fair to some of the big names of British comedy they have got scripts that are far lamer than those of "Jeeves and Wooster" (and that's saying something), but be it the stars or the scripts, Blandings is not working.

And so to work. As I drove I listened to the radio. There was little of note going on in the world. Civil unrest is rife in the Ukraine; President Obama doesn't want the Russians to get involved even though the beleaguered Ukrainian government has asked for Russian help and intervention. What are the Russians to do? Sit and watch?
The Labour party are trying to join the twenty first century by making sense of their relationship with trade unions. Whilst a good idea in theory, unions have had their day. Interestingly Tony Blair and the widow of John Smith have both applauded the move.
And being somewhat later than I usually go to work, today I got to listen to "Thought for the Day", a spiritual five minute radio slot which specialises in reducing reason to stark nonsense. Today's self-depreciating vicar spent the entire five minutes saying that some stories can be good.

The world was dull as I drove to work, but this was probably for the best. I stopped off on my way to work and filled the car with petrol. Over sixty quid's worth of the stuff; and then did my bit at work. As I did my bit I found myself looking out of the window at a rather bright day. I don't mind working when the weather is grotty, but bearing in mind how much it has rained recently I did sulk just a little at the dry day today.

As I drove home I again had the radio on. There was a play being broadcast; yet another adaptation of an old favourite of mine; "Pride and Prejudice". It was quite good. Once home I found "Furry Face TM" was in a partucularly soppy mood. I wonder what's up with him...

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