4 March 2014 (Tuesday) - Kakuro, Cybermen

Yesterday evening once I’d got the laundry done I carried on solving geo-puzzles till really late, and so consequently I slept well. I was licked awake by my Patagonian Tripe-Hound at 7.30am, and after a swift bit of brekkie we went for our walk.
We had fun at the lake. Someone with more money than sense had thrown several Domino’s pizzas into the lake, and many of the sections were floating quite near the water’s edge. I was amazed that the ducks hadn’t scoffed it. In retrospect I shouldn’t really have been amazed that “Furry Face TMtried (and succeeded) in scoffing loads of it. I eventually chased him away from the soggy pizza; it took some doing.
He wasn’t happy about not being allowed to eat the rancid stuff, and rolled in a dead frog in protest.

Home, where intensive bathing eventually removed all the frog gunge. And as “Furry Face TMscoffed the breakfast I intended him to eat, I carried on solving geo-puzzles/ One in particular nearly made my brain explode. Kakuro is a particularly fiendish form of soduku which I eventually solved by beating my head against the PC for an hour.
I’ve now got all the solving done that I can do for this series of caches. There’s still a few figures to get, but they have to be done on-site. I’m now ready to go get the caches. However there is a slight hiccup here. In a novel break with tradition the rest of my geo-posse have announced that they too are going to solve the puzzles before we go get them. Whilst that is “as God intended”, there might now be a delay before we actually head off to Teynham.

After a spot of lunch (and more “Pride and Prejudice”) I made a start on my next talk for the astro club. I say “my next talk” – I downloaded half a dozen PowerPoint presentations on galaxies, and used a combination of the slides in those presentations together with Wikipedia to blag a talk of my own. It’s about half way done now. I shall come back to it over the next few weeks.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered – this time at the Admiralty. We watched wonderful music videos, fussed the cats, and after a crafty glass of port watched Tom Baker star as Doctor who thwarting cyber-feloniousness.

And today is something of an end of an era. A couple of years ago my job was transferred to Canterbury, and shortly after that I was fortunate enough to be able to work all my weekly hours in three long working days. I’ve been given something of a professional advancement; however this necessitates going back to a five-day working week. Starting tomorrow. There’s more money and the chance of future advancements, but in the short term that pay increase will be more than made up for with increased petrol costs.
I’m going to miss my mid-week days at home…

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