5 March 2014 (Wednesday) - A New Routine

Yesterday I mentioned that today was the start of a new routine. Consequently I had a lie-in and didn't get out of my pit until 6am. Over brekkie (shared with my dog) I watched episode four of "Pride and Prejudice" in which Mr Wickham was exposed (!)

I had this plan that leaving for work at 7.30am would be about right. But by the time I'd mucked about scraping ice from the car and popping into Morrisons, a journey which used to take thirty-five minutes took an hour and a quarter.
As I drove I listened to the radio, as ever. Nigel Farrage, the leader of the UK Independence Party was being interviewed live on the radio. I say "interviewed", I mean lambasted. The fellow is a member of the European Parliament and his voting record isn't all that that it might be. A prominent Dribbling Democrap came on the show to claim that Mr Farrage had only voted in about half of the votes he could have. Mr Farrage loudly announced that this was due to the pressures of his being the leader of a national political party. He went on to say that his voting record was actually wonderful compared to the deputy Prime Minister who, through the various demands on his time, has only voted in a little over twenty per cent of the votes. Personally I felt that this voting record showed that both had been remiss in their parliamentary dutes rather than than both were very busy, but what d I know.

Mr Farrage also made great issue of a leaked Government report showing that the advent of every non-EU migrants to the UK causes twenty three UK citizens to lose their jobs. A worrying statistic if it were true; another leaked Government report showed that this was a load of old rubbish. Interestingly no one from Government seemed to want to deny either report; nor did they express any concern that their own so-called facts were contradicting each other.

Once at work I did what I could; and as part of my hew hours I had a rather longer lunch break than usual. So I went for a little walk. The cycle path went from the hospital past the Simon Langton School; a secondary school most of the pupils of which seemed to be sprawled across the cycle path smoking cigarettes. I wonder if I should tell the headmaster what was going on. I wonder if he would care. I know of a certain school in Lenham that wouldn't have cared less.

And as part of the new world order I came home some three hours earlier than I used to. Through the rush hour traffic.
Once home I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk - a shame it got dark as we walked, but that didn't seem to bother him very much. Hopefully over the next few weeks the evenings will get lighter so we can have longer walks; I'm not letting that furry f...ellow off his lead in the dark.

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