30 April 2012 (Monday) - Stuff

There was something interesting on the radio this morning: lunch hours. I don't have a lunch hour. I have a lunch quarter of an hour. Apparently less than one in one hundred working people have a whole hour for lunch these days. I had no idea the figure was so low.
There was also something about showers. Apparently many people spend up to half an hour in the shower, sometimes two or three times a day. What's that all about?

Today my mind was elsewhere for much of the day. Having been seriously and actively job hunting for eight months, tomorrow I have my second interview. I kept wondering if I shouldn't have spent yesterday mucking about with the first fruit of my loin; perhaps I should have spent the day worrying about the interview (like I have spent today).
Two interviews in eight months. Some might find that depressing. I am trying to think that two is better than none. Sometimes I succeed quite well in thinking that; other times not so well.

And so home where I wrote more novel. Two scenes in a cemetery. I'm now up to just under fifteen thousand words. I still have half a dozen major bits to write, and no end of link bits; but it's getting there...

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