7 May 2012 (Monday) - A Rant

It has been said that I am a creature of habit. And I'd probably have to agree. Take May Day for example. May Day for the last four years has either been spent in an alcoholic haze at the Jack in the Green celebrations in Hastings with family and friends I've known for over thirty years, or exerting myself walking serious distances round the Weymouth area with other really good friends. All of which have actually made for very good May Days. In retrospect May Day has always been one of the year's high points for me.
So getting up early this morning to do a twelve hour shift came as something of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong - in this new world order of austerity I am very grateful for the overtime. But there's no denying that I had more than a passing thought about what I might have been doing today. Especially bearing in mind that "er indoors TM" and "My Boy TM" had gone down to Hastings to meet up with the Sussex bunch of the family to do Jack in the Green.

And I spent some time this evening being rather angry about the family reunion being planned for September. The last one we went to was in Ringwood in Dorset. It took three hours to get there, and today the journey there and back would cost just under sixty quid in petrol. We went to another one a couple of years ago that was in Kingsfold which was a round trip of one hundred and fifty miles.
It's our turn to organise the event this year. We're looking at staging it somewhere near Leeds Castle for no better reason than its being equally convenient for us and contingents from Hastings, Folkestone, Tonbridge, Eastbourne and South Mimms. And people from further afield can get more or less all the way on motorway. And being our turn to organise it means that it's our turn to go somewhere relatively local. And the vast majority of the family live in Kent or Sussex anyway. So somewhere near Leeds Castle is central for the majority. Good choice?
I'm feeling rather miffed to be told that Maidstone doesn't suit, and to be told about the amazing merits of Hayling Island. I looked for Hayling Island on the Internet. An hour's drive the other side of Brighton; it'll cost me the best part of fifty quid just to get there and back. If it's to be in Hayling Island I won't be going. End of story(!)

Going to lie down now......

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