1 May 2012 (Tuesday) - Hoping...

After a relatively good night’s sleep I was raring to go to today’s interview. On with the shirt, and on with the tie. It’s odd – I miss wearing a tie to work. I left earlier than I needed to (to be sure I wouldn’t be late) and was soon at the Holiday Inn in Sevenoaks. It seemed an odd venue for an interview for a company which was actually based fifty miles elsewhere; but what do I know.

I got there with time to spare, and sat in my car and planned what I would say – all about me, why I want to sell their products, why I am the man for the job. And I got fed up with waiting and went into the hotel, introduced myself at reception, got taken to a waiting area, and spent more time planning what answers I might give to questions.
I got in ten minutes later than expected; there was only one chap interviewing; he was very friendly and welcoming. I got to give my practised spiel all about me; and my practised spiel all about how I’ve been trying to sell things. And for much of the rest of the interview I listened to what the job would entail. It sounds good. I can only hope that I sounded as good. At the end of the interview the chap gave me his card, and I’ve sent an email confirming my interest. I hope that was the right thing to do.

And then more hope. Over a spot of lunch the phone rang. It was an agency with a possible job opening. And then another agency with another potential opening. To think that a week or so ago I was on the point of giving up the job hunting as a waste of time.

I had an email – requesting the use of my writing talents. I wrote the flier below for a firm called “BuzzHosting”, and immediately after I published it my blog crashed. It’s been doing that from time to time just lately; I wish it wouldn’t. I now have three days to see if I get paid for the advert I’ve just done. I wonder if it will come up with anything? On reflection I could have done a better job - it was a bit of a rush job. Perhaps if I'd spent more than five minutes doing it and less than two hours playing "Angry Birds"?

Being Tuesday the clans gathered - this time at Somerset Road. Insults were exchanged, and we watched the last episode of season two of "Being Human". Inbetween times some of us played "Draw Something". Shart...?

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