31 May 2012 (Thursday) - Busy, Busy, Busy...

I hurt; my shoulders are bruised. I expect that this is probably from having been hurled about upside-down yesterday. I've also lost four pounds in weight since yesterday morning. Not eating much and loads of adrenaline must have done that. It's amazing how my weight varies. I take my "official weight" to be that on a Saturday morning, but I weigh on a daily basis; sometimes at different times. It's amazing how I can sometimes put on weight overnight.

After a quick bit of brekkie I set off to distribute catalogues to the masses. Or actually not the masses this time. Today I tried my luck with the elite. I went to what I had always thought to be one of the posher parts of town to find it was a right mess. It was dustbin day, and for every bag that went into the dustbin lorry, one had been scattered over the roads. Our bin men are really good; why was it such a mess over in the posh area?

With only six weeks until Brighton kite festival I got five gallons of beer started in readiness. In years gone by I have spent over eighty quid on beer for that festival. This year (if all goes to plan) I will have spent a tenner. Much more sensible (!) I then ironed shirts. Twelve of them: it took a little while to do.
Whilst I was ironing "My Boy TM" came visiting with part of his entourage. He needed to do something on-line, and Dad's computer is always good for that. And after he'd computed we all went up the school. Littlun's school was staging a cake sale in honour of the jubilee. It was good to be asked along; and it was odd to go back to Victoria Road primary school. I've not been there since "Daddies Little Angel TM" knocked the place on the head some twelve years ago. Walking about the place brought back some memories, and made me wonder if being a teaching assistant mightn't be a bad career move. I might do some research....

And then home; into the garden where I mowed the lawn. It's amazing how fast that thing grows. And then I turned on my PC and checked emails. One of which was one which had reviewed my C.V. Apparently my C.V. needs to list my achievements; I was told that it reads more like a job description. So I again re-vamped it and I then spent a little while applying for jobs. I got a call back from one of the agencies; something might come of it; but I'm not getting my hopes up. I then did some on-line surveys. If any of my loyal readers would like to do on-line surveys do let me know. I get a bung for everyone I recommend (!)
I had planned to get my paints out and do some small canvases, but by the time I'd finished mucking about on-line it was nearly 7pm. So I didn't.

And then for tea. What with late finishes, bowling, one thing and another, we rarely eat together these days. So this evening it was good to open a bottle of plonk over tea. I expect I shall have a headache in the morning. One of the problems of having considerably reduced my body mass over these last few months is that my alcohol tolerance isn't what it once was....

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