5 May 2012 (Saturday) - Stone cum Ebony

I fell asleep in front of the telly last night and woke at 1am with a stiff neck. I took myself off to bed and was hoping for a good night's kip. The phone rang at silly o'clock: was today's walk going ahead? I glanced out of the window. The rain didn't look that bad, so I said yes. We would carry on. And after a spot of brekkie that's what we did. Into the Bat-mobile and round to the Fudgery to take Fudge for a walk. His entourage had other plans, but we said we could take our grand-dog for an outing. During this last week Fudge has lost his coat. I think he may have eaten it. But his nice coat is but a memory. Instead he was wearing what I could only describe as a dress. An amazing technicolour dreamcoat of a dress. But a dress nonetheless. We loaded Fudge into the car and took his dress off. All the other dogs would laugh at him if he turned up in that.

My mobile bleeped - a text - where were we? We weren't the first to get to the meeting point in Appledore. We weren't the last either. And eventually twelve of us (and four dogs) were together. Our start off was delayed by a few minutes whilst we relocated some of the cars. The plan was to park up near the Black Lion, walk and come back for a pint later. Some grouch from inside the pub came out and had a whinge that we couldn't park in the pub's car park. Their loss.

As we set off walking the rain started. I was a bit miffed about that, but fortunately the rain stopped after a few minutes. The day wasn't really bright, but (in all honesty) it was ideal for a walk. We followed the Military canal for a couple of miles, then took the lanes and footpaths into Stone cum Ebony. Which made my nephew snigger.
We were soon at the Ferry Inn. We first went there three years ago when we watched a Chinese Neil Diamond tribute act in the rain, and we went there last summer whilst on a walk. The place had four ales on the hand pumps, and were happy for us to eat our picnic in their garden. I washed my sarnies down with a half of Oxney ale and a half of Ferry top. Both of which were beers brewed especially for that pub. And suitably fed and watered we pushed on back to the cars. A good walk - about five miles. A walk we shall do again at some point. There are piccies of the day here.

We said our goodbyes, and came home. Fudge's entourage were out so he came home with us. Since he'd got a bit grubby I thought I'd be brave and give him a bath. He was as good as gold - he just stood and didn't struggle or fight whilst I hosed him down. And he then dozed for half an hour or so. Perhaps the walk had tired him. Whilst he dozed I did some on-line surveys.

We then took Fudge home, collected catalogues, and after a decent bit of tea we wandered round to the Chrisery for the Saturday night film show. We started off with the latest Mission Impossible film. Very good. And then "Decoy Bride" wih pretty much every British actor known to science. Again another good film. I do like the Saturday night film show....

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