4 May 2012 (Friday) - Stuff

I noticed yesterday that one of my car tyres hasn't been holding its pressure. So today before work I went to Road Runners to sort the problem. I called up their web site. They hadn't got one (!), so I guessed that they would open at 8.30am. There were people behind the counter in there at 8.30am, and they smiled as I entered, took my details and sat me down. As they did all the other customers. Was it my imagination? Were they doing other sorts of work I didn't notice? Or did they really wait until the stroke of 9am before leaping into action and actually doing anything?
But I really can't complain - they took a screw out of my iffy tyre, fixed the damage and only charged me a tenner. As I stumped up I commented on the place's lack of a web site. "Yes" they agreed "We don't have one". They seemed rather indifferent to the lack of a website. Personally I feel that a lack of web presence for a business these days is lamentable. Such contempt for the realities of our digital age is surely somewhat akin to boasting that you can't read or write? But what do I know?

The journey to Canterbury was then rather problematical. Having got used to driving before 7am and after 8pm I've got used to the roads being relatively quiet. Does everyone drive at 25mph in a national speed limit zone during daylight hours?
And when I got where I was going my mobile rang. The employment agency with news of Tuesday's interview. The good news was that I got down to the final two. The bad news.... yes - you've guessed it. The other bloke was pretty much the same as me in terms of experience except that he had had a year of selling to hospital laboratories already. I must admit that I hadn't expected to have got the job. But I can't pretend that having been turned down didn't come as a blow.
So, loyal readers, if ever you are going to buy binoculars or cameras or anything optical think of my sulk before you hand over your cash, and give me a call instead. I'll tell you which company we don't buy from....

A super-late finish; from now on I'll be doing 10pm finishes from time to time. On the way home I got some petrol. I's come down in price. Not much, but it's two pence a litre cheaper than the last time I filled up. I am grateful for every little bit that I can get these days. And getting it in Morrisons gave me more points on my Morrisons card. I often wonder exactly what good this Morrisons card is, but I keep collecting the points.

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