6 May 2012 (Sunday) - Flying Foxes, Simon Pegg

The weekly weigh-in. Another pound lost. My weight loss has really slowed down, but I feel that I'm actually getting a lot thinner at the moment. I feel that I'm getting bonier by the day. And thinner too. The pair of trousers I bought on 28 March is now rather baggy. And I've had to add notches to a couple of my belts. A few years ago I gave a belt to "My Boy TM" as it was too small. He's given it back. It fits me now. My BMI is now 28.6. It was knocking 35 not so long ago.

I then fiddled about with my ongoing novel. For all that have a plan, the bits that I've done so far have all been written in isolation, and there was quite a lot of contradiction between the various bits. I've (hopefully) got it all to be consistent now, and got something of a time-line together. Things are now happening in some sort of order, and in a timed order too. There's still a way to go with the thing, but it's now over twenty thousand words long. And it's quite depressing in parts. I need to write some lighter bits. I'll do that next.

We then popped out for a bit. Catalogue collecting, and then round to Dobbies garden centre. We have a problem with the fish tank with stringy algae. We'd heard that the solution would be algae-eating fish. Either American Flagfish or Flying Foxes. We didn't like the look of the American Flagfish, and they'd sold out of Flying Foxes. So we went round to the old favourite: Bybrook Barn. Where they had Flying Foxes over a pound cheaper. It pays to shop about. Whilst there we had a look for charcoal biscuits for the grand-dogs's flatulence. Or more specifically to cure the grand-dogs's flatulence. They didn't have any, which was a shame for Sid's local environment.

We came back home. I mucked about with on-line scrabble. As did a lot of people. I suppose that it was some consolation that as everyone else was mucking about on-line I wasn't missing anything. But I did spend most of the afternoon in a sulk. Yesterday was a great day. Today was something of an anticlimax, and I spent a lot of it sulking about having to work tomorrow when I will be missing one of the year's highlights.

We spent some time clearing more stuff from the Sky-Plus box. Several episodes of Time Team, and the last episode of the ITV's Titanic drama series. I must admit I didn't like it much. It was the same story from several different viewpoints, and as such was rather repetitive. Which was a shame. And a film - "How to lose Friends and Alienate People". Simon Pegg was in it. He was in the Mission Impossible film we watched last night, and I've seen him in lots recently. He's certainly the actor of the moment. When I was younger I wanted to be an actor. I could do what he does..... I expect.....

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  1. charcoal tablets work even better for Sids gas emitting problem