10 May 2012 (Thursday) - Painting, Telly

I had the opportunity to do some overtime this morning. Overtime working from home as well. I leapt at the chance. A couple of hours work, and then I got my paints out. I haven't painted much lately, but having been on four walks through the countryside in the last week I was feeling rather inspired. As always I don't think the photos do justice to the actual paintings. And as always if any of my loyal readers (or anyone at all) wants to give me money for the paintings, feel free to do so.

Being at something of a lose end I thought I'd get some of the stuff I'd recorded onto the Sky-Plus box watched. "Trapped in Space" was a film that I'd recorded a few weeks ago about some people trapped on a crippled space ship. The description of the film looked good; the film itself was watchable, if something of a disappointment.

Something else of a disappointment was the "V" mini-series. It was originally aired in August 1983 when I was at Boys Brigade camp and so missed it. Over the years I'd never got round to watching it. I'd recorded it, and watched it this afternoon whilst doing over three hours worth of ironing. I suppose it was good. But not that good really.

And with "er indoors TM" out and up to no good this evening I got myself ready to go to the astro club's committee meeting; only to find that the committee meeting is next week. Woops(!) So finding myself with little else going on I mucked out the fish tank and had a rummage in the freezer to forage for tea. I found some left-overs and half a tin of baked beans that "My Boy TM" had left over the weekend. I boiled the lot up and scoffed it whilst watching a documentary about Kenneth Williams.
I might not have achieved much today, but if nothing else I got eight hours of drivel off of the Sky Plus box...

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