2 May 2012 (Wednesday) - Deer

Thermoregulation may well be a cause of my insomnia; at night I am often either swelteringly hot or icy cold. Both of which wake me. This was certainly a problem for me last night. Perhaps I need to look into this a bit?

A quick bite of brekkie, and then as the fruits of my loin came home (for various reasons of their own) I set off delivering catalogues to the lucky punters. I covered three roads in an hour. Let’s hope these punters are grateful for my efforts. The last bunch could have been more effusive in their appreciation. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

And having offered wonderful bargains to the masses I came home and did the monthly accounts. Which (it has to be said) could be healthier. And then having again revamped my C.V. I spent a couple of hours applying for jobs. It’s interesting that most of the jobs that come up on the websites I’ve been perusing seem to have been being advertised for months. Perhaps they can’t get the right candidates. Perhaps they need to actually read my C.V. rather than just bin it. I don’t just apply for any old job – I only apply for jobs I honestly think I can do well. Perhaps my C.V. needs sexing up so people won’t bin it. I’ve sent it off for a once-over from “The Man with No Alias (patent pending)”. Let’s see what he makes of it.

This afternoon I went to the dentist. I’ve been trying to get an appointment for weeks, and have had to cancel due to the vagaries of my shifts. So I phoned them on the spur of the moment to see if they’d had any cancellations. They had; and my fang is now fixed.
Home again, and I got beer out of the bucket and into the barrel ready for camp. Camp is six weeks away, but preparation is everything. And talking of preparing, loyal readers might like to make a note in their diaries for Sunday July 15th for a day out at the Dover Western Heights: they are having an open day. We went last year and it was quite a good outing. So, loyal readers, make yourself a picnic and I’ll see you there for a race down the Grand Shaft. And even a race back up again.

With an hour to spare I could have watched drivel from the Sky-Plus box. I could have played “Angry Birds”. Instead I wrote more of my novel. Another one thousand five hundred words in a scene I hadn’t planned, but just seemed to pop into my head. Two of the protagonists have had their first meeting. It went as well as I could expect it to. And if it had gone any differently I would have erased it from existence and re-written it. An author has quite serious power over his creations you know.

And then off to Kings Wood. The weather wasn't good, but the Tree Huggers were having a bluebell walk. Last year's was a good evening's walk, and "er indoors TM" had offered to give the walk leader a lift. Despite the drizzle eleven of us set off for a stroll round Kings Wood. We saw bluebells; which was an improvement on last year. And we say deer. Loads of them. If you look very closely at today's photo, the white splodge in the middle is one of the deer...

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