3 May 2012 (Thursday) - Dull...

Yesterday I had a good wander round Kings Wood. And when I came home I had a look on their web site and found one or two events coming up that I might like to go on later in the year. I've added them to my calendar (which is accessible from the link above). Because if I don't, I'll forget all about them.

Last night (for want of anything better to do) I weighed myself. I did it three times to be sure. Every time I got a result of fourteen stone and one pound. Nice! Still a way to go, but a lot better than it once was. This morning I again weighed myself. I again did it three time to be sure. Overnight I'd put on three pounds. How is that possible?

And I pumped up one of the tyres on my car. I had to borrow a pump. Last summer I bought a little pump that fits into the cigarette lighter socket in my car. Useful for pumping up car tyres as well as all sorts of things when camping. And now it's gone. I was sure it was in the compartment under the driver seat in my car. it's not. I wonder where it's gone.

Yesterday loads happened in my life. Today was dull.

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