9 September 2011 (Friday) - New Car Stereo

It transpires that I’ve been driving past a new colleague’s house every day this week. Today I stopped and gave him a lift. This will be a very short-lived arrangement as the bloke left work today, but whilst he was in the car he showed me a short cut.
I am always very dubious about short cuts. If they were truly shorter, then they would be called “the way”. The short cut I found today goes round the back of Chartham directly to the hospital, cutting out quite a bit of minor roads and traffic lights. However it does involve a lot of single track country lanes. This morning’s journey did save time. However while taking the short cut going home this evening, I met several oncoming cars and tractors, and the journey wasn’t that much quicker.
I don’t think I’ll use that short cut again – going the other way has better roads, and is more scenic. And every day as I look across the valley I see a huge bird flying. I really should take binoculars, stop the car and see what that bird is. As far as I know, there are no eagles in Kent: I can only imagine it’s a buzzard.

And so to work, where I learned than a two week secondment is to become a month’s secondment. I don’t mind, really. The pace of work is very much different to what I am used to, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
And this evening I got to skive off early.

Yesterday I mentioned that the CD player in my car was stuffed up, with a CD jammed in the works. The nice man at Halfords said if I could get to him before 6pm he’d fit an all-singing-all-dancing new stereo into the car for me. I rather hoped he could get the CD out of the stereo for me whilst he was at it. In the end he extracted the entire CD playing mechanism – the knacked CD is still inside it. It will probably stay there.
There is a little gap round the edge of the new stereo – I’ve ordered a trim for it which should arrive in a week or so.

We popped round to South Willesborough for a barby for the evening. Very pleasant: must do it more often. And we came home to good and bad news. The good news is that I’d won the Euro-Millions lottery. The bad news – I’d actually won £2.70. I shall squander that tomorrow..

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